The latest wedding hair trends for brides

Beautiful hairstyle ideas for your wedding

No one can deny the importance of the bride’s hair on her wedding day. The bride should choose her  hair style just as carefully as she picked her dress. Luckily there are some wonderful wedding hair trends to choose from.

The styling of your hair should co-ordinate with your dress and make-up. The more formal the dress the more formal your hair should be. If you are choosing a romantic or relaxed fitted dress, then your hair should be relaxed too.

The wedding hair trends for Spring/Summer 2018 are here and there is something to suite every bride, from tousled locks to ombre hair colouring. The look this year is definitely soft, natural and romantic.

For the perfect bridal look, here are four trend-setting hairstyles for your wedding.

Textured updos

Instead of the formal and tightly pulled updo, this year brides are opting for a more relaxed and textured updo. The updo still looks smart, but has the feeling that you have been running through the forest and washed your hair in a fresh mountain spring, in other words it has that au naturale look.

The Romantic braid

The romantic braid does require long hair. However, if you haven’t had that much time to grow long stresses for your wedding, don’t fret, as these days brides can opt for very natural looking hair extensions that will give you the much desired look. The braid can be enhanced with delicate flowers and pretty details that will give it that mythical otherworldly effect.

Natural texture

Natural hair is one of the biggest hair trends of the year and rose in popularity after Solange Knowles wore her hair natural on her wedding day. The look is so cool, that it was voted the top wedding trend of 2017 by Pinterest.  The look is not waning but only gaining momentum, as brides come up with more and more beautiful ways to show off their natural hair.

Flower crowns

Flower crowns have grown in popularity. The flower crown can be worn in two ways- the romantic look or modern look. The romantic style can give the bride that ‘woodland-nymph’ air, while the modern look tends to use brighter colours and has a Mexican flower crown effect.

By Liesl Silverman

Photo credits:, Lauren Scotti,

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