Wedding Planning in South Africa: Ideas

The first thing to do as you plan your wedding is to work out a budget. The cost of a wedding can vary greatly depending on the size and location. According to professional wedding planners the average cost of a wedding in South Africa for 80 – 100 people is R70,000 – R80,000.

A budget is generally broken down into the following categories:

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Venue, including hiring costs, food and alcohol

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Wedding dress and accessories

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Photographs, music, flowers, décor

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Invitations and table gifts

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Unforeseen costs, e.g. travelling expenses, service providers, and consultation fees

A wedding planner will sit with you and create a plan of action. He or she will co-ordinate a theme for you and take care of all the details including organising everything on the day. To engage the services of a wedding planner will eliminate a huge amount of stress for you.

There are, however, many ways in which to cut costs. For a start some venues offer special discounts for midweek weddings. Outdoor gatherings are encouraged so a garden wedding, or a stretch tent or a beach wedding is an option.

As a result of the Covid pandemic the trend is for micro weddings with many innovative and creative ideas coming to the fore. It is an opportunity to go bigger in smaller ways.

The wedding cake will always be important. Couples enjoy the tradition of cutting the cake together. The trend will be for a smaller cake rather than a three or four tiered confection, and then small individual cakes. These can be individually wrapped or boxed treats like macarons, or personalised beautifully iced biscuits. These can also double as wedding favours.

There are many options for a bride to choose from.  As social distancing is encouraged other options are suggested. Venues are offering picnics, breakfasts, brunches or high teas.

Due to number and travel restrictions live streaming is the way for distant friends and family to be present, all be it virtually. Drones are also a perfect addition to capture the atmosphere and an overhead view of a wedding.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to indulge in your own artistic ability, including those of friends or family. Single blooms in stem vases or slim bottles instead of masses of flowers will be cost effective. Also use flowers that are in season as these will be less expensive. You just need to be sure that those helping and contributing are in tune with exactly what it is you want.