It’s all in the detail- how to personalise your wedding

Ideas to personalise your wedding

All couples would like to make their wedding unique and give a sense of who they are as a couple. This can be achieved by personalising your wedding and adding small details that are meaningful to you and your partner.

Think of it as a signature style, if you both have a shared interest, such as cycling or travelling, then add a small detail that references your interest. For example if you both like travelling, you could model your wedding invitation on a postcard and create a travel theme for your wedding.

You can add bespoke touches to your wedding that will impress your guests.  Here are four fantastic ways to personalise your wedding.

Choose a theme

Travel wedding theme

Take inspiration from the things you love and your shared interests. Your signature theme will run from the ‘save the date’ card through to the invites and the décor at the wedding.

The colour of your wedding, the flowers and food can all fit in with your theme. For example if you both love French culture and cuisine, you could add a French twist to your wedding, with a French menu and a lavender decorated centre piece. The possibilities are endless.

Personalise your wedding table names

Creative table names

Why not give each table a personalised name? In that way when guests look for their table and seating it will be fun and amusing for them.

Each table name could tell a story, perhaps a country you have visited together or the name of a colour or flower.  If you really want to be creative the tables could be named after your favourite films, TV series or books.

Set up a dessert table

Dessert table

Everyone loves cake and chocolate. So why not celebrate your sweet tooth at your wedding with a dessert table. The table can be beautifully decorated with bunting, cup-cakes, chocolate logs and different flavoured cakes. Guests will love the fact that they can go back for seconds whenever they like.

Wedding entertainment with a difference

Why not hire a live band for your wedding and arrange fireworks. Personalise the entertainment to fit your theme. For a black tie wedding opt for jazz or blues. For a rock-festival inspired wedding hire a rock band, set up a temporary tattoo station and hire food trucks for a festival vibe.

When organising your personalised-wedding think creatively. The more personal it is the more enjoyment you will get out of it.

By Liesl Silverman

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