What is Love Yourself Wealthy?

Love Yourself Wealthy

What is Love Yourself Wealthy? Have you ever found money to be emotionally triggering? Have you also noticed how no-one wants to talk about it?Imagine

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Wedding and function is packed with information on wedding dresses, venues, planning and decor. We also provide information on all other aspects of the biggest day of your life. From wedding rings to wedding ideas, we have advice for you.

Choosing your wedding dress, venue, rings, caterers and photographer is no easy matter.  Wedding and Function is loaded with reviews, how-tos, checklist and interviews all with the objective of making your planning simpler.

Wedding and Function has the most information on wedding dresses, venues, planning and decor...

Judging by the number of visits to our site it would seem that brides to be are more interested in wedding dresses than any other topic.

We have answers to the most common questions such as: How do a I choose a dress for my body shape? How do I prepare for wedding dress shopping? When should I pick my wedding dress? What should I spend on my wedding dress?

Wedding venues are another big topic of discussion.  We have answers to the following questions: When should I book my wedding venue?  How do I choose a wedding venue? We have also reviewed a number of venues our selves and we have information on loads more.

Finding a wedding dress and a venue are all part of the overall planning of a wedding.  If you’re looking for answers on how to plan a wedding we  have plenty of answers to the most common questions.  Where do I start when planning a wedding?  What are the steps in planning a wedding?

We also have loads of inspiration on wedding decor and entertainment as well as how to information on choosing a wedding photographer, wedding ring and a honeymoon destination.

Wedding and Function Franchises

We have a number of franchises around the country and are looking to fill in the areas where we have no coverage.

The franchises are easy to manage and are designed to be run from home by one person.  All you need is a computer, internet connection and a cell phone and you can start a Wedding and Function franchise.

We provide you will all the sales tools you need to make this a very successful enterprise.

If you are interested in owning a Wedding and Function franchise please CLICK HERE.





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