Love and Wedding Tattoos Forever

A guide to his and hers wedding tattoos

A Tattoo is the ultimate symbol of permanence, so it is no wonder that many Brides and Grooms are opting to commemorate their nuptials with permanent ink tattoos. Wedding tattoos have become increasingly popular, because they are more personalized and far more unique than a diamond wedding ring.

Celebrity couples such as Jay Z and Beyonce, and Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine have matching wedding band tattoos.

Many couples are either opting for a matching wedding tattoo and ring or just the tattoo. The matching tattoos are more than often inked onto the couple’s wedding ring finger or on a corresponding part of their bodies. Many couples opt for their wrists, forearms or shoulders.

Most couples choose designs that are a symbol of their love for one another and are a direct reference to their wedding day. For example the date of their wedding, church bells, their initials, hearts or a tied knot.

However, some couples take a more creative approach, selecting images that are not necessarily related to the wedding, but have special significance for the Bride and the groom. Some examples are- a tattoo of their pet or the name of the place where they met. Either way the tattoos are imbued with meaning for the wearers.

A few tips before you get your wedding tattoos

Here are a few tips to help you decide if a tattooed wedding ring is the right choice for you and your partner.

Firstly- timing is of upmost importance. Tattooed skin takes time to heal, so if you want your tattoo to look presentable on your wedding day, make sure you and your partner have the tattoo done at least three weeks before the wedding.

Some couples may prefer to get their matching wedding tattoos after the wedding, especially if they are opting for a larger design.

Alternatively, you could get tattooed on the actual wedding day, which would create an element of excitement at the wedding and definitely something different for your guests to remember.

The pros and cons of a wedding tattoo

The pros of having a wedding ring tattoo are – you don’t have to worry about losing a valuable ring, it can be cost effective as diamond rings can be incredibly expensive, and lastly it could be a good option for those with occupations where it is impractical or against stipulation to wear a ring.

If you are looking for some unique ideas for a wedding tattoo, why not opt for words or a verse from your favourite poem, book or song.

No matter which design you decide on, a wedding tattoo will definitely symbolize your commitment to each other.

By Liesl Silverman

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