Have yourself a merry Christmas themed wedding

It’s never easy when it comes to planning a wedding, especially when it comes to deciding on a theme. One of the more popular and well-liked themes for weddings are winter themes. However, winter themes have more to them; what kind of winter theme best suites you? For those who love festive cheer and joy to the world, you might enjoy a Christmas wedding theme.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why not spread the cheer to your wedding? In South Africa, Christmas is more of a summer theme while in the Northern hemisphere it takes place in winter. It’s all up to you to decide how you would like to go about using the Christmas theme, though visually speaking it is a lot more beautiful as a winter theme.

How to host the perfect Christmas themed wedding

Decorate your venue with Christmas trees

It goes without saying that if you plan to host a Christmas themed wedding that you are going to need a Christmas tree or two at your venue. Whether you have a large centrepiece at the end of the aisle, or small ones around the reception venue, as a symbol of the season a Christmas tree is a must-have.

Forget confetti and opt for tinsel

When walking down the aisle as husband and wife, instead of tossing up confetti give your guests some twinkling tinsel to throw around. The glitter and glamour of tinsel will add a shine to you and your photos as you walk down as a newly married couple.

Tinsel can also be placed on the tables of your guests for decoration. Really there is no limit to what you can use it for!

With a Christmas wedding theme, comes Christmas colours

If you are set on a Christmas theme, it is a good idea to incorporate the colours of the festive season for your wedding.

Colours to focus on would be varying shades of green, reds, and white. You can use these colours for your décor, or simply use ornaments such as mistletoe and holly and have them strewn about the venue.

Using these colours in your bouquet is also a really nice touch, and gives off a festive feel.

Other possibilities for colours include silvers, blues and gold.

A piece of cake

There are a number of ways you can go about decorating your wedding cake with a Christmas theme. Go over ideas and brainstorm with your baker and decorator to make sure that you have a unique and Christmas themed cake that fits with your colour scheme and wedding style.

Making your cake looked like a wrapped present is very popular for Christmas weddings. You can also opt for a yule log cake with a tiered chocolate cake with holly (real or made of fondant) cascading down the sides.

Don’t forget to serve your guests some holiday desserts like marzipan or gingerbread. Warm Christmas drinks such as eggnog, hot chocolate or warm apple cider make great Christmas drinks as well – besides the bottles of champagne of course.

Deck the halls with Christmas lights

When it comes to a Christmas wedding, you can never have too many Christmas and string lights around to add some shine to your venue.

You can use the lights to decorate the walls, tables or even add them to the bouquet!

Add a touch of festive décor

When decorating for your Christmas wedding, you might find that you will need a few staple Christmas items.

Items such as holly, mistletoe, acorns, pinecones, candy canes, snowflakes, sleigh bells, a reindeer or two and maybe even a few elves.

Article by: Jesica Slabbert

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