Breakfast Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Breakfast Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

A Breakfast wedding is obviously not the first choice for couples, but they are slowly becoming popular.

Advantages of a Breakfast wedding

  1. Cheaper

Morning weddings are cheaper and more feasible because alcohol consumption is much less or even zero. Also the wedding décor is much lighter and cheaper just like the light breakfast that will be served.

  1. Lighting

The morning light is usually bright and beautiful, just perfect for photographers and those who are getting married will save big from more lighting expenses.

  1. Time : Post-Wedding with your spouse

By the afternoon couples that choose morning weddings have a chance to chat away and have fun with their spouse in the afternoon. Also the couple has a chance to relax and sleep peacefully before indulging in their first day of the honeymoon.

  1. You get to be different

Evening weddings happen all the time and guests have been to a bunch of them, so why not stand out, instead of following the same trend. As much is it the day of the bride and the groom, guests also want to see something different to be offered in each event.

Disadvantages of a Breakfast wedding

  1. Getting up early

For breakfast weddings to work out perfectly timing is everything. Couples cannot host a breakfast wedding after 11am; at least 9:00 is perfect. This means that the bride and her bridesmaids have to wake up earlier than usual to plan for everything.

  1. Short on time

Breakfast weddings can start as early as 8am and they span a shorter time than evening weddings.

  1. Difficult for travelling guests

If you have guests travelling from afar, the good plan would be for them to sleep over, prior to the morning wedding.

  1. Less partying

Let’s face it most people don’t like morning, so it is highly unlikely that that there would be loud music and dancing.

Article by: Afikile Lugunya

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