Have a Superhero themed wedding

Finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with who shares a love of comic books and superheroes is a wonderful thing, so why not share your joy by creating a superhero themed wedding.

Whether you would fly through the sky with Superman and swing on a web with Spiderman, for those who love comic books and superheroes of all kinds a superhero wedding can be an unforgettable and SUPER experience!

Big or small, you can decide how you want your superhero wedding to be.

Spread the word in a SUPER way

One of the important first steps of a wedding is planning the invitations. With a superhero wedding theme you have to make sure that your invitations look the part as well.

Here you can get creative with your theme; you can make the invitations an actual comic book or you can utilise pages from old comic books of your favourite hero and use them for your invites.

Put on your SUPER suit/dress

For the bride and groom who want to don the colourful capes and tights of their favourite superhero, there are many options to go with.

Have your wedding dress custom designed to don your favourite hero’s colours. Be it Wonder Woman or Batman, you can have a lot of fun coming up with ideas for your wedding dress and the groom’s suit.

Don’t forget to get a SUPER pair of shoes to go with your dress.

If you don’t want to go all out you can keep it simple by wearing a superhero mask or simply wearing a heroes accessory such as a crown or arm brace. Usually the groom favours wearing the symbol of his favourite hero under their tux and dramatically revealing it during wedding photos.

This theme can also be a lot of fun for your bridal party as you can have them don super suits of their own as they accompany you on your journey down the aisle together.

A deliciously SUPER wedding cake

You can’t have a superhero themed wedding and not have a SUPER wedding cake to go with it.

Again, this is all about creativity and letting your love for all things super shine through. You can have your cake designed with the colours of your favourite hero and have them at the top of your cake.

Or if you can’t pick just one, have each of your favourite heroes incorporated in your cake with their symbols appearing on each tier.

You can even combine the concept of a traditional wedding cake with your superhero colours by making it half white and the other half revealing the symbols of your favourite heroes.

Have a SUPER decked out wedding venue

From centrepieces to the wedding favours and the walls, deck out your wedding venue with comic book designs or symbols of your favourite heroes for your superhero theme.

You can even incorporate the superhero theme into the food you serve your guests, from starter to dessert.

Don’t forget to include some SUPER wedding favours for your guests as well. Make some favour boxes that look like pages right out of a comic book and include some fun superhero merchandise on the inside such as character figurines and hero badges.

Finish off with SUPER memorable photo moments

Once fully committed to the superhero themed wedding, you have to take some SUPER amazing photos that you and your partner will cherish for the rest of your lives together.

Set the scene, do you want to be rescued by your dashing caped crusader? Want a romantic upside-down kiss like Spiderman? Or will you simply do some superhero poses side by side?

You are only limited by your imagination and the imagination of your photographer!

Article by: Jesica Slabbert

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