Find your wedding service provider on Bargain Buys

By: Graeme Lund

September 2020

Bargain Buys is an online shop that offers a huge range of products and services at discounts of between 33 and 75% less.

If you’re working on a very tight budget then you need to visit Bargain Buys.  They have a wide range of party, wedding, conference and function services from reputable service providers at really good prices.

So if you’re looking honeymoon accommodation in hotels or boutique accommodation or at luxury game reserves Bargain Buys can help.  For your event Bargain Buys offers great deals with top photographers and event service providers.  They even offer discounted vouchers for spas, gyms, makeup artists and hair salons.

Using Bargain Buys vouchers

Using Bargain Buys as is simple and easy.  Register online and start shopping.  Payments may be made with credit cards, debit cards or through EFT.

Once you purchased your voucher you can find the voucher in your “Account”.  The voucher can be downloaded, emailed or printed and is then easily used as payment for the service that you require.

It is advisable that you contact the service provider with whom the voucher can be used to check that they have availability on the dates that you want their service.

The voucher can be presented to the service provider when payment for the services or product is due. 

The moment that your purchase of the voucher was approved on the Bargain Buys website, the service provider is also notified of the purchase.  They will then correlate the voucher number on the voucher you present to the voucher on their records.

Voucher Limitations and Expiry Date

It is very important that you read the voucher limitations before you buy the voucher and that you adhere to these limitations when using the voucher.

The voucher must be used before the expiry date.



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