Micro Weddings 2020

By: Alison Kirk

November 2020



With the COVID pandemic micro weddings have come a necessity, and could well become the new normal. Only a limited number of guests are permitted to gather.  A micro wedding can be a blessing in disguise in many ways.  Many of the features of a large traditional wedding  may be included but it will be more intimate and personalised. Even before COVID micro weddings had become popular for various reasons and many benefits.  


Budget is always a major consideration.  A micro wedding will cut down on the cost of extra food, hiring, transport, décor, etc. If budget is not a problem then more can be spent on perhaps a destination wedding and accommodation for guests.  You may wish to spend more on a special menu or a gift for each guest.


This is always tricky and unfortunately some people will always be offended at not being on the guest list.  Close family will naturally take priority and then close friends.  This is your day and because it’s a micro wedding you will have to be selective.  With a small number of guests you will have the advantage of being able to interact with each of them.



The joy of a micro wedding is that you are free to choose which ever way you wish to celebrate. It may include the formality of a traditional wedding or a more casual relaxed and less stressful celebration e.g. a picnic.  There will be less stress with a smaller number, such as invitations, place names, seating arrangements, menu choices, table favours, etc.


This is an opportunity to break with tradition.  Choose your wedding dress to suit the occasion.  For a formal micro wedding you may wish to splurge on a traditional white dress.  For a small and casual gathering you may wish to choose a short dress of a colour other than white.


Sadly in some instances the bigger and more lavish the wedding, the shorter the marriage.  A micro wedding with those close to you, who care about you, can be more meaningful and sincere without the show.


A gift register will be helpful for those who wish to contribute to your future together.


A micro wedding may be less stressful than a large event but you still want it to be perfect.  A wedding planner will be able to advise and help you not only with décor but also with your budget.  A wedding planner will relieve you of a lot of stress and leave you to enjoy your special day.



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