Love Yourself Wealthy

What is Love Yourself Wealthy?

Have you ever found money to be emotionally triggering? Have you also noticed how no-one wants to talk about it?Imagine when you mix the volatile ingredients of Love+Sex+Money in your relationship, how explosive your relationship can become. I like to say money can either surround your love, or it can cut between you like a knife.

It is actually a  choice which most of us don’t realise that if we do my money coaching process exercises you can both be on a similar “money page” which will save you so much time, energy and of course money! in the future.

 The number 1 reason for couples splitting up is -money. What couples don’t realise is, it is a bandaid. Breaking up does not solve the behavioural issues which will continue in every relationship unless they are looked at and resolved. This is what money coaching is about. We all need tools to work with to help us solve these challenges,and these tools bring awareness and this is why it works so well.

Money patterns get passed down from our parents and if Allan and I didn’t change our behaviours our kids would follow on with this same money paradigm we were born into. This is why I am passionate around this work as I have witnessed our own results and of many others.

Allan and I we didn’t have the tools we needed to navigate the complex aspects of money in our relationship. We never spoke about money and this caused feelings of resentment/disappointment/frustration/shame and guilt. I teach about money disorders, my diagnosis was financially rescuing. I didn’t realise this was a pattern I had adopted when I was a child and so would only attract men seeking financial rescue (subconsciously)

Allan and I got together in 2008 when I met him he was homeless and he had 3 children. He was the victim and I was the martyr. These are just 2 of the archetypes I work with to bring clarity to couples.

 6 months after our ceremony in 2016 I nearly left him due to unprocessed toxic emotions. I heard about money coaching and I went to America to become a certified money coach. This is what saved Allan and my marriage.

It is a deep and revealing process of exercises that helps both parties take responsibility for the choices that have lead them to this point and create a new awareness to consciously choose to do things differently, and mostly to create a safe space to create conscious agreements. I wish I had done these processes at the start of our relationship as it would have saved so much unnecessary pain and of course money!!!!

This is what I wish for all couples. Prevention is better than cure.

This triggering money work is far more fun to do when you are in  a space of Love in the beginning of your relationship than in a space of Fear that comes after running dysfunctional money patterns.

I also love teaching people about cryptocurrency which can be scary and complex when doing it as a hobby. That is why I have a team of experts and how I have done so well with it and you can too.

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