By: Pat Lund

September 2020

Wedding transportation is an important expense that is sometimes left out of the budget, and can be costly.

If you have guests who have flown in from overseas for the occasion you may be expected to arrange transport for them to and from the wedding.  In that case it would be a good idea to include in the invitation transport information for them to arrange for themselves at their own expense. If however, expense is not a problem then a shuttle bus can be arranged.

A wedding at a venue where the ceremony, reception, and accommodation is included, will alleviate the problem of transport.

As for the arrival of the bride this can either be formal or fun depending on the style of your wedding.  If you are getting married on an golf estate you may want to arrive at the ceremony in a golf cart.

For a rustic, barn or farm wedding a horse and cart or a vintage truck, or even a tractor, may be appropriate.

A horse and carriage would be a nice touch for a Cinderella type wedding.

If you are getting married near water or a beach wedding  arriving by a boat may be an option. Just make sure you can step out of the boat without getting your feet wet.  The bride and groom could also be whisked off with a flourish on a speed boat after the reception. 

 A formal or fun way to travel to and from the wedding is a stretch limo where all the wedding party can travel together. 

For a formal wedding you may want a vintage car or go over the top and hire a Rolls Royce or Ferrari..

On the other hand you may want a valued family friend to drive you in an ordinary car or a fleet of the same cars for the bridesmaids.

There are so many options available. It all depends on your budget, your personality and the style of your wedding.