Wedding theme ideas for any bridal style

So your partner finally stepped up and popped the question and it’s finally time to plan your wedding ceremony! Now the question you have to ask yourself is; what kind of wedding theme do you two want?

Picking out a wedding theme can be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. Do you want to keep it calm and classic or do you want to go for something unique and original? Do you want something rustically romantic or cool and casual?

Once you have figured out the theme you want for your dream wedding you can start focussing on the rest of your wedding plans.

Here are a few ideas for wedding themes you can use if you are struggling:


If there’s anything we’ve noticed it’s that classic and vintage styles are making one heck of a comeback. This is true for weddings as well. Many brides are going back to the classic vintage wedding theme as a way to look back on decades past.

Your wedding outfit and look will be able to bring out this theme with ease. For the ceremony you can utilise antique décor such as weathered wooden seats to exemplify your vintage theme.

You can finish off the theme by leaving the ceremony in a vintage car.


For the couple who likes to stand out, a whimsical wedding theme is one you should consider. This theme incorporated bright splashes of colour against the classic neutral wedding colours.

You can incorporate quirky design elements such as multi-coloured balloons, streamers and flowers to your theme. Mix things up by having mismatched chairs and unique décor at your guests’ tables.

You can also make the cutlery and crockery unique and different for each table for an extra dose of whimsy.


There have been a lot of interesting and new modern wedding theme ideas lately. With geometric shapes, thick and clean designs as well as minimal designs, the modern theme is becoming very popular for weddings.

You can add this modern spin to anything, from straying away from the traditional white wedding dress, to your venue decorations, seating and colour scheme.

A lot of focus is placed on geometrics and shapes for the modern theme. From the wedding invitations to the décor, you can utilise geometric shapes to add some flair to your modern wedding theme.


For the couple who loves the outdoors and country life, a rustic theme might be suited for you. Old barns and rural wedding venues will be key for your rustic themed wedding.

String up some fairy lights along the walls or in the trees, use mason jars, twine, lace and plenty of wood for this theme.

The rustic theme is much loved by couples who enjoy DIY projects and making unique things for themselves.


For the brides that love being carefree yet beautiful, you will absolutely love the bohemian wedding theme. The wedding dress for the boho bride will be much like the theme, calm and carefree while still looking beautiful.

For wedding décor you can keep everything simple yet elegant. Utilise oriental rugs, decorative pillows and cute hanging decorations.

A colourful assortment of décor and flowers can be a nice refreshing touch to this theme as well.


For star-crossed lovers who want to boast about their love from the heavens, a celestial wedding theme is a great choice.

You can already incorporate this theme at the stage of your wedding invitations, making them look stellar for your guests. You can then look at how you want to use this theme in your wedding venue and create an ambiance of a starry nights sky.

You can even channel some celestial magic into your wedding dress. Use stars and translucent material or stray away from a white dress to make yourself shine like the star you are.


For the more festive and beach-loving couple; a tropical theme can be fun for you and your guests. Get yourself some palm fronds and some tropical décor and you’re all set for a tropical wedding!

 Find yourself a nice beach location that has plenty of palm trees and if you’re lucky a few tropical birds in the area. Have tropical flowers scattered all around and in your bouquet to add some lovely colour to the mix.

Don’t forget to have some fun cocktails available at the bar!