The Groom’s Style

The Groom’s Style

The latest fashion trends for the groom

What could be better than a handsome groom in a suit. A bride’s heart always skips a beat when she sees her husband-to-be, suited and booted waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

The groom’s wedding attire is just as important as the bride’s gown. The groom’s choice of attire should co-ordinate with and complement the bride’s look, if not elevate it.

Fashion trends for the groom are more creative than ever, as grooms can express their individuality and personal style through their particular choice of fabric, suit cut or colour.

If you are looking for inspiration for the groom, look no further, as here are the four most dapper fashion trends for 2018.

The three piece suit

For an incredibly dapper and traditional look, opt for the three piece suit. Classically smart and versatile this look will complement most bridal themes.  The waistcoat can either match the jacket and pants or contrast them in a different fabric or hue. You can pair the three piece suit with a bow tie or classic tie.

Strictly Black tie

Think cocktail parties and Hollywood glamour, the black tie is having a major come back.  The look is incredibly smart and encourages everyone to dress the part. The bride can go completely glam, with high heels and a fascinator that will perfectly match the groom.  With such a sophisticated theme, guests can really dress up and enjoy some Bond style martinis and cocktails.

Bright and Colourful hues

Show your individuality at your wedding by injecting a bit of colour, men don’t have to wear grey or brown at their weddings. It’s a time of celebration, so why not opt for a bright royal blue suit, dusty pink or green suit that matches the theme of the wedding.

The light jacket

If you are having a summer wedding, you might want to consider the light jacket. No one wants to be standing in the sun and sweating at their wedding under a hot stuffy jacket. The light-jacket will suite a more relaxed wedding on the beach or outdoors.  The light jacket is usually made from linen and comes in softer shades such as light grey, white, pastel pink or pastel blue.

By Liesl Silverman

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