Wedding rings and meanings

A circle has no beginning or end and is therefore a symbol of infinity and that’s what wedding rings mean.

Wedding rings are not just there to decorate fingers but are a symbol to an endless and eternal circle just like love should be.

Why wedding rings are worn on the left finger

The heart is  placed on the left, so are wedding rings.

Science will tell you that a heart only pumps blood to the veins that keeps the body alive and functioning, however people also believe that a heart is a symbol of love.

To show eternal love, wedded couples wear rings to the fourth finger on the left hand which is believed to have a vein  that leads directly to the wearer’s heart.

Rings and their meanings

Three stone wedding ring meaning

You’ve spent so many years together and finally decide to get married and start a new life together but still you want to forever remember all your past memories, the current ones and the future then a three stone wedding ring would be perfect for you according to

Claddagh Ring meaning

According to Claddagh Ring  is a symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty

– Two Hands: These are clasped around a heart, the heart hands are a representation of friendship.

– Heart: A representation of love.

– A Crown: A representation of loyalty/fidelity.

Black ring meaning

While some believe that a black wedding ring a  sign of bad energy and evil, some believe that  Black rings are a sign of self control and strength. According to the ancients believed black onyx had the power to protect them from both outside threats and internal conflicts and emotions that could cause them harm or lead them astray.

Some couples believe that before choosing a ring it is important to read up about its origin while some don’t even consider a meaning of the past, instead they just make up their own meaning that will satisfy the them and live happily ever after.

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