The Ancient Egyptians believed that the vein that runs through the third finger on the left hand flowed directly to the heart. The Romans called it the Vena Amoris, meaning ‘Vein of Love’. As a ring has no beginning or end, it symbolizes love and unity.

Tungsten carbide is the new, most popular metal today for men’s wedding ring.

The heavy weight and luxurious finish of a tungsten carbide ring speaks of commitment, strength and an everlasting bond. The metal will always maintain its beautiful, scratch-resistant finish, making tungsten the perfect choice for your loved ones wedding ring.

At VA-Tungsten, we identified the need within the men’s jewellery industry for a hard wearing, affordable ring that offers durability and sophistication.

Men’s wedding rings, up to now, have been limited to very simple designs, and with not much of a selection to choose from. Most of the men’s rings available today that are made from expensive, precious metals are all prone to scratches and abrasion, and some of these metals are almost impossible to remove in an emergency.

Tungsten is one of the safest metals on the market and with its unique comfort-fit design, they are not only comfortable to wear, but the comfort fit acts as a cushion which helps the ring grip onto your finger, making our range of rings the most comfortable rings you will ever wear!

Our rings come in a wide selection of sizes to fit all finger sizes.

Our designs are fresh and modern, appealing to all ages and each specific need for your groom.

Our hand-picked selection of rings includes black-plating, rose-gold plating, ceramic and carbon fibre inlays that are fused into the metal, giving you a unique variety of tungsten rings to choose from.

Our exclusive range of tungsten rings are a fraction of the price when compared to other precious metal wedding rings, but offers the same feeling of elegance and class. They are modern, bold and above all, strong!

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