Choosing a perfect wedding date

Many weddings are most common in December and February because the weather is perfect and these two months are the months of love.

You might have dreamed of having a garden wedding, no one can also predict weather conditions for the next 4 months and if it would rain on that day, all your plans would turn out to a wasted effort.

Timing is everything, and choosing the perfect wedding date is also an important factor in deciding the wedding venue for the wedding.

Valentines day weddings

Thanks to Valentine’s Day for the month of love, February and Hallelujah to Christmas holidays in December.

A lot of couples tie the knot in February. Well first, because people care about love in February, wedding décor’s become cheaper, there are many couple getaway competitions and special couple prizes.

Most common theme colours for a February or Valentine’s wedding is red and white and people love it, well that could work out well for a Christmas wedding too.

No matter how many people have used that tradition colour it really doesn’t matter, what should matter for the bride and groom is tying the knot and living happily ever after.

February and December has something else in common besides the red and white colours that distinguish how special these months are, which are the commonness of wedding ceremonies.

December weddings

December famed for birth of Jesus Christ, a symbol of God’s love when he gave the world an Angel that could take away sins and a month with many meaningful holidays where annual workers get to rest with their 3rd cheque on hand.

With a third cheque, time for a getaway and many honeymoon destinations to choose from many ingenious couples have been witnessed to have identified  December  as a perfect month to tie the knot.

Article by: Afikile Lugunya

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