Wedding catering- Food Trucks

Food trucks- catering that meets all your guest’s needs

Food Trucks catering for weddings, blasted onto the wedding scene in 2016 and the trend doesn’t appear to fading, but rather gaining momentum. The rise in popularity of Food Truck catering comes down to the simple and delicious formula- that the different food trucks with their varied food themes cater for everyone’s dietary needs. From meat eaters to Vegans, food trucks offer an array of choices that suit the varied diets of your guests.

An added benefit of using Food Trucks to cater for a wedding is that it allows the wedding planners to be flexible with their choice of venue. In other words you are not necessarily tied down to a particular venue that has kitchen facilities, you could opt for a friend’s farm, a large garden or any outdoor space that can be hired.

Food trucks at weddings were first inspired by Music festivals. The idea was to imitate the jubilant and high-spirited atmosphere of a music festival at your wedding. In particular Food Trucks complimented bohemian themed weddings, where live bands performed on hay-bale decorated stages. More recently, however, couples planning their wedding have just found the option more convenient, flexible and exciting.

Couples who don’t necessarily want the traditional buffet or spit roast, view the themed food trucks as a far more inspiring and original. Their guests can choose between a Mexican taco, Thai curry, Belgian waffle or a variety of other dishes available on the day.

Food trucks are also perfect if you have opted for an outdoor tent, yurt or tipi wedding where the guests can easily wonder around the beautiful setting, while choosing which food they would like to eat.

Wedding Food Truck tips

A few tips, however, for Food Truck catering are- go with the festival-like flow and create informal seating, such as communal tables and chairs, rugs and bean bags. Alternatively if you would rather opt for more formal seating, place your tables far enough away from the food trucks so that your guests are not bothered by the generators. However, not too far away so that the food will be cold by the time they reach their table.

Add fairy-lights and chalk board menus to go with the theme and perhaps throw in a gypsy band for good measure. The added bonus of opting for Food Tuck catering is that, after a long night of dancing and drinking, your guests can always grab a late night snack or coffee before they hit the road. If you do decide to use this form of catering for your wedding, at least you know you will be right on trend.

By Liesl Silverman

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