Trending wedding dresses for 2019

A new year means new trends to look out for! And for brides with a wedding planned for 2019 you want to make sure you have a wedding dress that is the latest style and looks absolutely gorgeous on you.

It is clear that the Royal Wedding has had a dramatic influence on wedding dress styles this year, with many following the style of Meghan Markle’s gorgeous dress, while others adorn a glittering tiara to pair with their dress.

Trending wedding dresses for 2019

The Royal style

Meghan Markle has had a huge influence on the wedding scene, both before and after her wedding to Prince Harry. Many brides are incorporating her dress design into their own, giving them the glow of a princess.

Sheer long sleeved dresses with regal patterns, thick pattern designs, silver and glittering tiaras, and large gowns all incorporate the royal design.

Wedding jumpsuits

 For the bride who wants to step away from the traditional wedding dress, jumpsuits are steadily becoming part of the bridal vernacular. Jumpsuits are chic and modern, and offer a certain amount of style and comfort, especially during the wedding reception.

Brides can have a lot of fun with designs when it comes to jumpsuits. They can be as tight as a second skin or baggy and loose depending on your preference. Make sure to pair your jumpsuit with a stellar pair of heels as well!

Simply the best

Sometimes the simple things in life are better, so why not keep your wedding dress simple as well? Simple styles and designs are making a comeback in 2019, with clean lines and simple tailoring, you will taste pure nostalgia from the 90’s with these dresses.

From large gowns to flowing simple styles, personal taste and simplicity of colour and shape are the focus of this style.

A hint of colour

No longer is the plain white wedding dress a necessity, colours are making a huge splash in the wedding scene, especially pastels.

Trendy brides can add touches of colour to their dresses, or have an entirely pastel-coloured dress that draws in the eyes of your guests and glows.

Colours such as lavender, serenity blue, soft pink and such are popular choices when it comes to colour-filled wedding dresses. Bright colours such as reds, purples and yellows can be used for the more outgoing bride.

Don’t Mock the Turtleneck

The polar opposite of the equally popular plunging neckline, is the Mock Turtleneck style wedding dress which is becoming a common modern style.

Unlike the plunging neckline, the turtleneck leaves everything to the imagination. The modest look has appeared in many collections for this season, giving brides a feel of comfort and style that they will love.

Radiantly regal capes

An excellent way to round out the brides look; capes and extra-long trains are all the rage this year. When it comes to trains this season; the longer the better!

As stated before, princess designs are at their highest demand ever. Be it a long flowing train, or a short shoulder-cape, be it a thin veil or thick material, the cape is at the top of bride design demands.

Glamourous Ball Gowns

Cinderella style is making a comeback with wedding dresses. The Ball Gown is back in business in 2019, with brides wanting to feel like their favourite Disney princesses as they make their way down the aisle.

Flounces and multi-tiered tulle skirts that sway gently when you spin, will make you feel like Disney royalty.


Huge embellishments are big this season. Designers held nothing back when they opted for large embellishments for wedding dresses for this year.

From large floral designs to 3D, to oversized designs, embellishments give your dress a more realistic feel and give off a layered effect.

Top it off with a bow

Bows have been a part of wedding dress styles for a long time and if the latest bridal runway fashion has anything to say about it bows will continue to be a trending style for a long time.

Bows can tie your wedding dress together. Bows have a romantic yet functional touch for your dress, both small in size and situated near the collar or used to fasten your dress, of super-sized for a sculptural effect; there are plenty of ways you can incorporate bows into your wedding ensemble.

Super-plunge neckline

For brides who aren’t afraid of showing some skin, a deep plunging neckline is the trendy way to go for your wedding dress.

The plunging neckline has become increasingly popular over the years, and as the neckline goes lower the popularity only seems to increase.

A plunging neckline leaves very little to the imagination, so make sure you are totally comfortable with the feel and design of this dress before committing to the style completely.

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