Wedding Dress trends for 2023

Wedding Dress trends for 2023

As things are opening up again after Covid, weddings are returning towards the more glamourous.  Micro weddings are still popular but now is the opportunity to go big again.

According to Bridal Fashion Weeks around the world, here are ten of the top wedding dress trends for 2023.

1. The Classic White Ballgown.

Initiated by Queen Victoria, this will always be a popular style for a wedding gown, but with twists to suit every bride.  From tiered ruffles and opulent fabrics, to corset tops and extravagantly full skirts.

2. Slip Dresses

This effortlessly glamourous style has a slinky body skimming silhouette. A relaxed bias cut with spaghetti straps which resembles a slip.  This style lends itself to delicate jewellery and strappy sandals.

3. Bows

Bows are the hottest built-in accessory for this season.  Oversized single bows at the back or front or on the shoulders create detail and drama.  An oversized bow at the back with a low neckline creates a glamourous effect. For a more delicate effect, multiple single small bows are a popular detail.

4. Feathers

Feather details and bold plumes can elevate any wedding gown and add a touch of fun and festivity.  Feather trims on hems or sleeves make a great alternative to lace, beads and crystal embellishments.  They look good on vintage style dresses and can also be used as hair or shoe embellishments.

5. Necklines

Inspired by the 70’s, halter necklines are popular for 2023 as are asymmetrical and scoop necklines, whether strapless or with spaghetti straps.

6. Gloves

Opera gloves that reach beyond the elbow in satin or silk are all about old world glamour, romance and grand balls, and add a certain elegance to your look.  Fingerless gloves in sheer fabrics are also a trend for 2023 as are short gloves, depending on your style of dress.

7. Capes

Instead of a veil consider a wedding gown with a cape.  This will offer the same glamour as a veil trailing behind you and can be easily removed for the reception.  A cape can be lavishly embellished with lace, embroidery, beads or sequins.

8. Fabrics and Colours

Instead of the traditional

white wedding gown brides are becoming more experimental and choosing colours in soft pink, blue, green and latte.  For the more daring bride bold floral prints and metallics are the way to go.  For a more vibrant wedding look keep the rest of your accessories simple and let the statement fabric of your gown do the talking.

9. Hemlines

High low hems are a popular trend for 2023.  A mini skirt with a long train adds to the dramatic flourish of your dress.  A shorter look with mixed fabrics works well with this style. For example, lace with satin, or for a more romantic look, tulle that falls softly around your legs. This look will also show off your extravagant wedding shoes, which may even be blue!

10. Sleeves

Structural puff and detachable sleeves in interesting shapes and in lush, sheer fabrics are a hot trend for 2023.  Transparent floaty detached sleeves will add the WOW factor to a strapless wedding gown.

A wedding dress gives great insight into a bride’s style and personality.  It can be timeless as well as trendy.  It is important to find the right dress for YOU.  Whatever the style it will make all the difference to how you feel and look.