Top Ten Summer Wedding Tips

Top 10 Summer Wedding Tips

The summer months are the most popular time of the year for getting married.  The days are longer and the nights are warmer, though this time of the year can present some challenges. 

Here are ten tips to consider to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable in the heat.

1. Weather

Before setting the date consider the weather.  Depending on where you will be celebrating your wedding, you will need to plan accordingly. Kwazulu/Natal can be really hot and humid, and Gauteng is known for its short afternoon thunder showers.

2. Save the Date

As summer is the time for holidays, once you’ve set the date for your wedding, send out “Save the Date” cards early, so that guests can plan their holiday around that date.

3. Venue

As summer is a popular time, book your venue early.  Choose a venue with air conditioning, or hire portable air conditioners for a marquee, or have an open sided tent.

4. Ceremony

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, make sure it is covered or in the shade.  Provide plenty of seating in the shade for guests as they wait while photographs are being taken.

5. Wedding Dress

Choose a loose flowing design in fabric that can move and keep you cool, like tulle.  Avoid heavy synthetic fabrics that can make you perspire and cause discomfort.

6. Flowers

In summer flowers are in full splendour and make a bold, colourful and stylish statement. Some blooms are known to wilt easily in the heat, so ask your florist for advice. 

7. Hairstyle

If you have long hair, consider an up style to keep you cool, and a short veil or headpiece in stead of a long veil.

8 Food

Keep food light and bright with interesting salads with edible flowers, cold soups in tiny glasses, ice cream and cold desserts.  Have plenty of iced water at hand in pretty jugs with cucumber, apple or strawberry slices.

9. Time of Day

Consider the time of day for your wedding and avoid the hottest time.  Late afternoon when it is cooler would be a better choice than a brunch or lunch.

10. Dress Code

When deciding on the dress code, consider the venue and time of day, so that guests will dress accordingly.  You and your guests will want to be comfortable and as cool as possible and continue to look their best regardless of the temperature.



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