Wedding Dress Care

Wedding Dress Care
Wedding dress care is important on your wedding day

Wedding dress care is one of the most important functions of a bride

Wedding dress care is one of the most important functions of the bridal party. Once a wedding dress has been purchased, special care must be taken to keep the dress in pristine condition before the big day.

While it is most important to keep the wedding dress in flawless condition before the wedding, most women would agree that they want to make sure that their wedding gown stays in the best shape possible for years to come.

Tips for taking care of your dress

The materials used in most wedding dresses aren’t renowned for their strength. In order to avoid rips, split seams, and other damage it’s important that care is taken when hanging the dress.

It seems obvious that wedding dresses should be dry cleaned, but care should be taken when choosing a dry cleaner. Some dry cleaning services ship their clothes to another facility and your dress could become damaged by rough handling and the stress of transit. Don’t forget to add this cost to your budget.

Before picking a dry cleaner, make sure that they process all of their clothes on site, instead of using an automated system wedding dress care.

Some bridal salons will offer repair services for the dresses they sell. If not, shop around to find a seamstress or sewing shop that has significant experience in repairing wedding dresses.

Over time, plastic can release chemicals that will cause a white wedding dress to become yellow and may cause more delicate embellishments to become brittle. Carefully fold the wedding dress and place it into a museum-quality, acid-free storage box. These storage boxes are sold specifically as wedding dress or wedding dress storage chests.

The gown should be wrapped in fabric or acid-free tissue. This will protect it from the rough cardboard or paperboard of the storage container.

All of these accessories are not an absolute necessity. However they can add originality to your look.

If someone in your family that sews, include them in the wedding, by asking them to alter your dress.

If you choose to order your wedding dress from exquisite high end stores, make sure you have adequate time in hand between the big day and the date you receive your dress on.

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