Polaroid photo’s – the instant hit at your wedding

Providing Polaroid cameras at your wedding

‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ goes the old wedding adage, so by pairing the immediacy of a Polaroid photo with the actual analogue print, it’s no wonder that Polaroids at weddings are such an instant hit.

Guests and hosts alike are relishing the new Polaroid wedding trend. Couples love the idea that each guest can take a memento of the wedding home with them. The actual Polaroid print also has a vintage look, which instantly creates an air of nostalgia around the event.

Handing cameras over to the guests ensures that you will end up with a collection of unforgettable images. Far more original than  any that would be captured by a professional photographer. Guests are more relaxed in each other’s company and will be more likely to snap photos of each other having fun and acting silly at the wedding, than say in front of a professional photographer. This means that the couple will have the most interesting record of their wedding on hand.

Creative wedding ideas for your Polaroids

Instant cameras are easy to use for all ages. Place a few on each table at the wedding to encourage guests to take a few original photos. Polaroids can also provide a unique decorating feature for your wedding.

One option is to create a Polaroid guest book. Your guests can each stick their favourite instant photo from the evening, into a guest book and write a personal message.

Another idea is to create an artistic centre piece. Wedding planners can do this by taking a wooden frame and attaching sections of string horizontally onto the frame. Then place small pegs strategically along the sections of string and encourage guests to peg their photos onto the strings.

At the end of the evening you will have a gorgeous display with all of the Polaroid photos your guests took. You can even take it home and place it on your wall as a keepsake of your wedding. You can paint or decorate the frame as you wish.

The photos that your friends and family took at the wedding can be recycled and re-used for the wedding thank-you cards. Stick the insta-photo that your guest took onto a small piece of card and write the desired thank –you message on it. Your guests will not only be impressed with your creativity, but will have a memento to keep forever.

By Liesl Silverman

Picture Credit: www.gettingmarriedincyprus.com