Vows and Songs

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day will be one of the most incredible experiences of your life, and depending on the type of ceremony you choose, you will need appropriate music to announce your entrance.

If it is a formal wedding in a church or temple where there is a pipe organ, you may want to choose a traditional  hymn or anthem which is meaningful to you both.  Should it be a casual, rustic, outdoor or beach wedding, then choose a song that is meaningful to you both and suits the occasion.  It is important to discuss this with the marriage officer when you are planning the ceremony with him or her.


Each religious faith has wedding traditions and practises including marriage vows that have been passed down through generations.  The vow is sealed when the bridegroom places the ring on the bride’s finger. You may want to use the traditional vows as set down in the age old liturgy, or even change them slightly, or you may each want to write your own.  Whatever you choose this is the most important part of the wedding as it is here that the actual legal marriage takes place.


Hymns or songs also need to be chosen to be sung or played during the service.  It is a good idea to choose a  well known hymn or song with an uncomplicated tune so that all the guests can  sing loud and clear.   Recessional  music will also need to be chosen for when the newly married couple walk back down the aisle.  Some couples may choose to have an instrumentalist play something while they go to sign the marriage register, or for someone to sing a solo during that time.  These days  many couples often break with tradition and  plan their own ceremony with the marriage officer.



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