Burne & Burne Attorneys Antenuptial Agreements

The Burne & Burne Legacy continues

The Burne & Burne Legacy continues Established by William Burne in 1880, Burne & Burne boast five generations of attorneys. 

A well-respected firm of attorneys, they have recently celebrated 141 years in the profession. Burne & Burne  hold the unique position in South Africa of having the largest number of family members admitted to the legal profession – thirteen in all. 

Today Burne & Burne is run by Gerald Burne and his son Garth Burne.

Burne & Burne, a long established and experienced firm of attorneys, specialise in wide a range of services, including:


Conveyancing is the name given to the specialised process of transferring real rights in immovable property from one person to another which are registered in the Deeds Registry Offices throughout the country. Burne & Burne Attorneys are also on ABSA’s panel and handle the cancellation and bond registration of ABSA bonds.

Estate Planning 

This includes preparation of a Will’s, formation of Trusts and business interests. Burne & Burne will assist you with sensitive, efficient and friendly service in the winding up of a Deceased Estates by stepping into the shoes of the deceased and will guide the heirs and all necessary parties through those procedures prescribed by law.


This includes the drafting of Antenuptial Contracts (prior to you getting married) and Post Nuptial Contracts (after you are already married and want to change your marital regime / expensive process).  Burne & Burne will guide you through the process of authenticating documents for use in this country and abroad (so if you are immigrating or wanting to study in a foreign county and need documents Apostilled then this is what we do, amongst other Notarial services).


Burne & Burne primarily focus on Civil Litigation in the Magistrate’s Court and Hight Court in Durban and surrounding areas.

Burne & Burne other services include collecting of debts (not a debt collecting company), preparing contracts, sale agreements and leases, partnership agreements and landlord and tenant disputes.  Family matters such as divorce, custody and access to children and maintenance, all will be handled with sensitivity and care.

Gerald and Garth of Burne & Burne and their team strive for the highest level of legal service through honesty and integrity.  Their aim is to maintain the personal touch and to create a lasting and trustworthy relationship with their clients.  This is what the practice has been known for after all these years.

Our motto is “Our family looking after your family for generations.”

For more information about what Burne & Burne can assist you with visit their website. Or see more on their listing.