By: Pat Lund 4 August 2020

This is always tricky as most often numbers need to be limited.  It’s a good idea to send  “save the date” cards well in advance so that those whom you really want at your wedding will be able to come.  It’s really difficult to know who to include and who to leave out, and there will always be those who are upset or take offence.   However, if they have ever had to plan a wedding themselves they will understand.   One way to get around this is that if you are getting married in a church or temple, you could invite everyone to the service and serve tea and cake in the hall afterwards.  Then while you are having your photos taken the specially invited guests could make their way to the reception.


Another thing that takes careful consideration is where to seat guests.  It can be very uncomfortable to be seated at a table with people you don’t know, when the others all know each other.  Also if parents have been divorced it may be wise to check with them where they would like to be seated.  Also those who consider themselves more important to you, may not like to be seated too far from the main table.  Older people may prefer to be seated further away from the DJ.  But it is very important to have a seating plan so that everyone knows exactly where they are to be seated and feel welcome and valued as guests.  Another suggestion is to have both sets of parents standing at the entrance to the reception to welcome the guests and introduce family members to each other.

It is also a good idea to have some refreshments available and perhaps some entertainment, e.g. a photo booth during that long wait while photos are being taken.  And don’t forget as a married couple to circulate and take time to speak to each guest.