Getting Married? GraceAnne Redesigns will Redesign the Perfect Bedroom to Begin your Married Life

Aloma of GraceAnne Redesigns is a creative interior designer based in Glenwood, Durban. 

Her inspiration comes from her grandmother who always made her bed first thing in the morning.  This resulted in her bedroom always being a place of order, a sanctuary and a space of peace and harmony.

With a course of Feng Shui for the bedroom, Aloma will create a space of love, vibrant health and peaceful sleep – by not just decorating, but by putting everything in its proper place.

Aloma of GraceAnne Redesigns offers a great service to help you to declutter. She will make the most of what you have, and put everything in place to show it off to the best advantage, and make it attractive to you.

A consultation with GraceAnne Redesigns will include valuable input from the couple, reflecting their personality and style.

They will be taken through the design process and a scope of work presentation will be prepared for the couple.  This will include displaying a design board with colour palette and, if required, furniture ideas within the set budget. 

In collaboration with small businesses GraceAnne Redesigns can source a variety of services. These include bespoke prints on pillow cases and duvet covers, duvet inners, flower arrangements, kimono gowns, cushions, table runners, and painters.

A re-designed bedroom is a great wedding gift for a bridal couple, as well as for anyone celebrating a milestone anniversary.  GraceAnne Redesigns will create a gift registry in this regard for you.

GraceAnne Redesigns will declutter any room in your house which you would like to revamp, from your garage, lounge to your pantry.

Aloma of GraceAnne Redesigns will bring new life into your home and create harmony.

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