Don’t let last minute wedding costs catch you up

Plan ahead for unseen wedding expenses

When you are in the final weeks of planning your wedding, it is easy to get caught up in the little details and get distracted from keeping your budget in order.

Between dropping off decorations and doing dress fittings, the bride and groom must remember to keep their wedding expenses in check. Statistics show that 45% of couples always go over their budget.

To help you stay on track and not stray from your budget, here are a few reminders of the last minute, hidden costs that brides and grooms always forget to plan for.

Last minute wedding costs

Wedding Party gifts

It is customary to give small gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The bride will usually buy keepsake bracelets, earings or cosmetic bags for the bridesmaids. While the groom will often give personalised baseball caps or personalised cuff links to his groomsmen. Make sure you have put some money aside for these items.

Dress alterations

A bride will often lose weight before her wedding, so make sure you put some money aside for those last minute alterations. Bridesmaids may also need some last minute dress alterations or changes, especially if they are arriving from abroad and have never tried the dress on. All these costs add up, so make sure you are prepared.


On the morning of your wedding, you and your bridesmaids will be getting your hair and make-up done. Don’t forget the cost for this, including tipping the hairdressers on the day.

Food on the morning

The bride, groom and wedding party will need to eat on the morning of the wedding so make sure that some food is supplied. Designate someone who will be in charge of getting the food and perhaps create a food table with snacks for everyone.

An unexpected guest

There is always someone who forgets to RSVP, or brings a partner even though they said they wouldn’t. So always set aside the cost of one extra guest.

Vendor’s meals

Don’t forget you will need to feed your Wedding Planner, DJ, Band, Photographer and officient. So please make sure you have included them in the catering costs.

Now that you have been reminded of all those small extra costs, make sure to include them in your budget, so that you may have a stress free day.

By Liesl Silverman

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