Body of Substance

By: Alison Kirk

November 2020


Body of Substance offers a unique training program using Kettlebells.  A Kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a handle and is used to perform high intensity movements that test multiple muscle groups simultaneously.  Workouts can be tailor made to cater for strength, endurance or flexibility requirements, depending on the clients goals.

Body of Substance  workouts start off with a slow pace with a light bell.  As strength increases so does the weight of the ball.  This usually happens fairly quickly due to the nature of the movement.  Stamina and strength are built quickly.


Caroline is a certified Kettlebell coach and will travel to you in the Durban area to do one on one training.  Classes further afield may incur further cost depending on the distance travelled. Small classes of three to five people can also be arranged.  This includes a Kettlebell overview and evaluation of your fitness level and goals.  This is followed by a warm up session and a cooling down session afterwards.  Kettlebells are provided initially.

Caroline has an excellent knowledge of food and nutrition. A tailor made food  plan will also be provided based on body mass index, including maintenance.  Body of Substance will pay attention to food preferences as well as your time constraints when devising your eating plan.

Caroline is the owner of Body of Substance and has ten years of experience having first come across Kettlebells when she was living in Dubai.  She offers reliability, attention to detail and fresh workouts that will keep you motivated.  Body of Substance is here to strengthen and sculpt your body, help you to make lifestyle changes and build your self esteem.

It is very important if you are a beginner that you get lessons from a qualified Kettlebell instructor before commencement.      

Cell: +27 82 607 6547