Unique wedding catering ideas your guests will love

You’ve chosen a theme, you’ve found the perfect dress, and you found the most magical venue. The next step in your wedding planning is coming up with wedding catering ideas. What kind of food you wish to serve your guests at your wedding reception?

Wedding catering focuses on the needs of your guests and sating their appetites throughout the wedding reception. You want to make sure you serve up food that is delicious, filling, and has a unique twist to it.

After all, for the guests one of the things they will remember most about your wedding will be the food. Before choosing a caterer, you need to have an idea of what kind of menu you want. Will you have a buffet? Is it going to be a set menu? Or do you want to try something different?

Here are some unique and interesting wedding catering ideas you can try for your upcoming nuptials.

Unique wedding catering ideas for your wedding

Is it breakfast? Lunch? No, it’s a Brunch buffet!

wedding catering ideas

For your wedding, you want to make sure you make the most of the whole day. The best way to do that is to hold your ceremony early in the day, like in the morning or early afternoon. Early wedding are becoming increasingly popular as they tend to cost less.

Food at a brunch wedding can consist of bacon, eggs, pancakes, French toast and more! You can also enjoy a tangy mimosa to get the guests on the dance floor.

If you are thinking of having a buffet, then serving breakfast foods is an excellent option for you.

Get comfortable with junk food

Unique wedding catering

It seems like couples are straying away from posh dishes for their wedding reception and are choosing to instead serve up some much-loved comfort foods. Gone are the carpaccio and canapes and in come the hamburgers and pizza dishes!

Serve up some fries and mini hamburgers stylishly for your reception by wrapping them in cute little bow ties or tucked into a neat wicker basket. It’s easy to make so-called junk food look elegant by adding something simple and cute to it.

This is a great opportunity to serve up some of your favourite foods to your guests, which they are sure to love.

Represent your country

Unique wedding catering ideas

Inspiration for food can come from many things, and that includes many of the countries of the world. Certain regions have inspired many interesting dishes and have tourists running to visit and give them a taste.

So when thinking about your wedding catering you can choose a country to inspire your food. It can be a country you both have visited before and created great memories in, or the country you and your family originally came from.

There is so much to work with; Asian, French, Thai, Mexican and even South African. With the number of countries there are in the world you have so many different food options to choose from! Try adding visual cues to the dishes so that your guests can relate more to the food.

Food on the go with Food Trucks

Unique wedding catering

Fast becoming the go-to for wedding catering, Food Trucks can create a wide variety of dishes from sweet treats to savoury snacks. Food Trucks add something unique to your wedding and can even help contribute to your décor.

They can serve up specialised drinks and it allows your guests to choose what they would like to eat. It also makes it easier to accommodate guests who are vegetarian or gluten-free.

As the number of Food Trucks is practically endless, you and your partner can choose which ones best suite your wedding theme and your guests needs. You can even hire a Food Truck that focuses on the season; such as having an ice cream Food Truck for the summer and a coffee bar for the winter.

Dinner theatre

A fun way to entertain your guest while serving them food is to have an open kitchen at your reception! Your guests can see the magic that goes into preparing their food, whetting their appetite while they wait.

Guests will be awed as they watch the chef plate their intricate dishes. There is a certain element of entertainment involved when watching a professional bring your meal together.

You can consider this form of wedding catering as dinner and entertainment for your reception.

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