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10 Tips for Flower Trends for 2023

Flowers used throughout your wedding will set the tone for your theme and enhance the overall experience for you and your guests.

According to experts in the flower and décor industry, wedding flowers for 2023 are bold and bright, moving away from the more traditional soft pinks, blush and whites.

The Pantone Colour of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta.  Described by the company as powerful and empowering, it has an exuberance that promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration.

Colours will be jewel toned, and will also include olive green, blues and rust.

There will be an emphasis on tints of red, orange, pinks, and varied combinations of all three.

Because of the emphasis on bold and bright, filler foliage will be dark green, gold or peach.

  1.  Statement Ceremony Décor

This will set the tone for the reception to come.  Ceremony décor will be an important trend for 2023 – aisles, back drops and arches will be a major trend.

2. Architectural Styles

A trend for 2023 is a unique backdrop shape, such as a multi layered arch.

3. Single Flower Varieties

Use just a few types of flowers and cluster them en-masse to make a dramatic statement.

4. Centre Pieces

The trend will be bold – black containers, unique vessels, tinted candlelight and metallics.  A multi-faceted and layered look instead of a standard single vessel.  Berries and fruit will also add a vibrant pop of colour.

5. Bouquets

Bouquets are going to be smaller.  Small posies that are lightweight and airy that will accent the dress rather than overpower it.  This is a shift from oversized cascading bouquets.

6. Living Plant Arrangements

Potted plants, trees, grass clusters, living flowers and greenery will be a trend for lining the aisle, and will have the advantage of being able to be planted afterwards.

7. Hanging Installations

Dramatic floral installations hanging from the ceiling, are a good way to emphasize and define the dance space at the reception.

8. Seasonal Flowers.

For practicality, seasonal flowers are always best. Locally grown flowers will be at their best and will be sustainable throughout the day. 

9. Some Suggestions

Hydrangeas come in white, green, blue and pink in various shades.  These blooms are large and will create an abundant centre piece.

Pansies, with their vibrant colours and sweet faces make a bold statement for a small wedding.

Vibrant red, white or pink anthuriums are good accent flowers for bouquets or centre pieces.

Roses come in every colour and pair well with every other kind of flower.

10. As always, it’s your wedding. So, beware of going for what’s on trend if it’s not your style.  Rather choose what captures your heart, love story and aesthetic.



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