Wedding Trends for 2024

Wedding Trends for 2024

According to the experts in the Wedding Industry both here and overseas, 2024 will be the year of unconventional weddings, self-expression and personalisation.

From non-traditional wedding venues to catering options, weddings will be less formal.

Here are ten ideas to consider when planning your wedding in 2024.

  1. Tech Savvy Wedding Planning

In the age of smart phones, tech savvy wedding planning is one of the top trends for 2024.  Digital invitations, on line registries, virtual venue tours and wedding planning apps can make the process easier and more efficient.  Using technology can also help reduce paper waste making your wedding more sustainable.

2. Colour

Flowers take centre stage at a wedding and an all-out explosion of colour will be the trend for 2024.  Bold, bright, warm, hot colours with shades of reds and orange colour schemes will make a statement with vibrant eye-catching colour.  Use these colours in flowers, table linens and even lighting.

3. Food and Drink

A sharing platter on each table allows guests to taste a variety[U1]   of foods while socialising.  An anti-pasta plate of charcuterie, cheeses and olives with warm breads makes an alternative to a starter.

A grazing table is a modern update on the buffet.  A mix of sweet and savoury dishes carefully arranged on a table, allows guests can help themselves at their leisure. 

A dessert bar filled with sweet treats after dinner offers an alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

Instead of champagne, there is a growing trend for couples to create a signature cocktail, based on their own tastes.

4. Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses in 2024 will be about self-expression. Many brides are opting to dress in bold colours and bold patterned fabrics.  These unconventional colours allow them to stand out and to reflect their own unique personality.

Classic bridal gowns will still dominate, with short veils and long opera gloves, and oversized bows will add drama to a dress.

Wedding suits are still a major trend which offer the bride the freedom to mix and match tailored separate pieces that reflect their own unique taste and personality. 

5. Bridesmaids Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a trend for 2024.  Dresses of different colours, textures, silhouettes, patterns and hemlines.

6. Photography

In additional to formal photography, a trend that has become increasingly popular is the use of candid photography and documentary style videography.

Couples are opting for natural and spontaneous moments to capture the essence of the wedding day.  Drone wedding photography is a great way to capture a bird’s eye view of the venue and wedding from a unique perspective.

7. Sustainability

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, couples are incorporating eco conscious elements into their wedding plans.  Ethnically sourced décor and locally grown flowers, greenery and food as well as eco friendly wedding favours, such as packets of seeds or handmade soaps, are example.

8. Retro Design

Champagne towers are back and other retro trends liked extra piped cakes, disposable cameras, DJ’s spinning vinyl records and more laid-back vibes.

9. Couples are also gravitating to venues that are a little less traditional, such as restaurants, galleries or back yards. Outdoor weddings are popular where the gardens or forest provides its own décor.

10. As always, it’s your special day, and whether you choose formal, casual, retro or trendy, it’s your dream that needs to come to reality.



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