Wedding Terminology

Wedding Terminology Explained!

  1. First Look

In the past, it was considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.  But these days some couples like the idea of a private moment together before the ceremony.  This can be with or without a photographer.

2. A Styled Shoot

Wedding designs are created and set up by wedding suppliers or vendors to inspire couples with ideas – decor, flowers, cake, invitations and dresses.  A styled shoot is also an opportunity for wedding planners and suppliers to show off their work.

3. Invitation Suite

This refers to the package of all the stationery components involved in a wedding – Save the date, invitations, place names, seating plan, ceremony procedure, menu, thank you cards, etc.

4. Toss Bouquet

Instead of tossing your bridal bouquet which you may want to keep, a toss bouquet is a small bouquet that mimics the bridal bouquet style, but is built to be able to fly through the air into the hands of those hoping to catch it.

5. Vendor Meals

This refers to meals provided for the wedding vendors or suppliers who are not actually on the guest list.  This could be the event planner, the photographer, DJ or musicians.

6. Cutting Cake

If your budget doesn’t stretch to an large, several tiered cake to feed all the guests, then a smaller cake is often created specifically for the tradition of ‘Cutting the Cake’.  It can still be the centre piece and surrounded by flowers, candles or fairy lights.

7. Last Dance

Unlike the first dance, when all eyes are on the bride and groom, the Last Dance is a private moment for the bride and groom to enjoy a last dance before the night is over.

8. Strike

This is another word for the taking down and dismantling of all the installations that have been set up for the event, and depending of the complexity, may have to be staggered by the suppliers. 



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