What you need to know when designing your wedding invitations

Your big day is coming up! Naturally you want all your friends and family to celebrate it with you. In order to do that you need to design and send out WEDDING INVITATIONS!

At this point you may find yourself wondering what exactly you are meant to think about when designing your wedding invitations. Luckily there are a few easy tips on what you need to focus on when designing them.

Wedding invitation must-haves

The invitation sets the style of your wedding

The wedding invitation is your guests’ first peek at what your wedding will look like. The invite will set the tone and hint at the style and décor of your wedding day.

When you have an idea of the kind of wedding you want you can start designing your invitations to match your theme.

Make sure you sort out all your details before going shopping for stationary. Are you going for sophisticated, modern or a glamourous wedding style? Once you know you will have an idea of how you want your invitations to look so that your guests will figure out what to expect on the day.

Figure out your colours and shapes

Don’t pick plain black and white colours for your wedding invitations. Utilise the colours you are going to be incorporating in your wedding theme. For a cohesive look make sure to carry out the colours for all your wedding paper related things. Such as the menus, escort cards and programme.

Adding colour will also bring more life into your invitations and fill your guests with a hint of excitement. No one likes receiving a regular envelop that looks like another bill, make them pretty and popping!

Play with the shapes of your invitations as well. Playful shapes will add something unique to your invitations. Just be sure to be careful of the size, as large and heavy invitations might cost you extra.

Make sure your words are correct and legible

The last thing you want is a beautiful wedding invitation that only a handful of people can actually read. You have to make sure that whatever font and colour you decide to go with are easily legible.

The stationer should be able to help you with this but make sure you avoid light ink on light backgrounds and dark ink on dark backgrounds.

Make sure you learn the rules involved when wording your invitations. Its traditional to have the name of the host of your wedding first on the invitations. Make sure to spell everything out properly as well.

Make sure you focus on the key points in your invitation. Only mention the ceremony time and location, the hosts, your and your fiancé’s names and the RSVP information.

You can worry about any additional information after the wedding and only have to provide for the guests who will be able to attend.

Have your dates memorised and send the invites early

You have to make sure to send out your save-the-date notifications about eight to ten months before your wedding. Time taken to print invitation varies greatly so you need to give your guests enough notice so that they can make arrangements to attend the ceremony.

For your RSVP information on the invitation, make sure that you have the right dates and make the deadline no longer than three or four weeks after the invites have been sent out.

Remember that the more time you give your guests to reply, the higher the chances they will forget about it.

Plan your invitation budget

The price of wedding invitations can be a lot steeper than people think.

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