Band vs DJ? What entertainment do I want for my wedding?

A key part of wedding planning is deciding what kind of entertainment you want during your ceremony and reception. Do you want a band to play live music or would you prefer a DJ with a carefully selected list of songs?

Choosing the right entertainment is the key to a successful wedding celebration. So how do you go about choosing between a band and a DJ to perform at your wedding?

Here are some of the deciding factors when choosing between a band and DJ for your wedding:

What is your wedding entertainment budget

As far as wedding entertainment goes the main factor that affects whether you will pick a band or a DJ would be your wedding budget and how much they charge. Generally you will find that wedding DJ’s cost a lot less than bands, but this also depends on the equipment they use.

When it comes to wedding bands, prices can vary depending on the number of musicians and length of time playing.

While a wedding DJ is generally cheaper than a band, well-known and popular DJ’s can cost just as much as a live band.

So have a look at how much money you have set aside for

Think about the tone of your wedding

Another deciding factor will be the tone of your wedding. You want the music to be a reflection of your personalities as well as the theme of your wedding.

Are you going for a disco theme or would you prefer a string quartet? Do you want to relive the rocking 80’s or do you want to hoe down to some country music? The way your entertainment will be able to play the music will affect the atmosphere of your wedding.

Some music you may want to listen to might be better enjoyed when performed live than from a DJ.

You also want to make sure that either of your options can play both slow and fast songs at your reception. This will encourage more of your guests to get onto the dancefloor and have tons of fun at your wedding.

The pros and cons of wedding bands

Having a live band perform at your wedding is a great way to liven it up and make it more exciting. Bands can create an exciting atmosphere, and with the right band leader they will be able to understand the feel of the room and select the right music to play.

The problem with bands though, is that they will usually cost more than it would to hire a DJ. There is also the fact that bands cannot compete with the repertoire of a DJ.

A DJ will have a larger song selection and variation than a band can deliver.

A band will also have their own versions of songs, so if you want to hear the original version of a song sung by the original artist, a band might not be what you are looking for.

The pros and cons of wedding DJ’s

DJ’s are able to deliver an eclectic mix of music that can cater to all ages.  Song will sound exactly as you want them which makes it easier to sing and dance along. And as DJ’s don’t take up as much space as a band would, you will have more room available on the dancefloor for your guests.

On the other hand it really all depends on the personality of the DJ you hire. A DJ with an unmotivated personality can be a real mood-killer. They will also struggle to improvise if your partner is a few steps behind the beat when dancing.

Make sure you catch a demo performance

You want to make sure that the people you have decided to hire can play music at your wedding the way you want them to.

You need to gauge first-hand how they dress, improvise and work with a crowd before committing to hiring them. Getting a video of their other performances will also help with your decision.

If you can’t catch them live then ask them for a playlist and select the songs you would like to hear. You can also ask for referrals from other weddings you have attended or from the last weddings the band or DJ you are looking at played for.

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