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Rowena, owner of The Floral Team, offers some helpful suggestions when planning your wedding flowers.  There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration, and it is good to know how your money is being spent.   

As nice as it is to have family and friends to help with creating your wedding flowers, it’s not always the cheapest or easiest option.

Many people are not aware of the time scale it takes to put arrangements together, and just how messy a task it can be.

It is a good idea to contact a florist and have an open and honest conversation about what your plans are, what flowers you would like and what you want your focal points to be.


The Floral Team loves to create beautiful moments, and takes great pleasure in making the most beautiful flower arrangements to create the look that you want, within the most realistic budget.

Bear in mind that the budget will include the cost of labour and transport, collecting the flowers, conditioning the flowers, and making sure that the flowers open at the right time, not too early or too late.

Because flowers are a natural product, nature plays a part, and flowers are not always available on a weekly basis.  The Floral Team will ensure that should there be a logistic problem and certain flowers don’t arrive, they can make appropriate substitutes of the same quality, ensuring that the whole process streams together beautifully. 

Rowena will also be able to manipulate your budget to be used across the board and show you how arrangements can be repurposed.

Create Focal Spaces with The Floral Team

Think about your venue and everything that you want to achieve. Decide where you want your focal spaces to be.  For example, instead of having a lot of smaller arrangements for the ceremony, you may want to make a statement with a dramatic arch.

If you plan it correctly, the arch can be repurposed and moved through to the reception to create a gorgeous sweetheart table for the bride and groom.  You may prefer to focus 80% of your budget on something dramatic, and 20 % on the bouquets, so that you have far more of a statement.

There are many different ways in which flowers may be repurposed on the day. 

What to do with your flowers after the wedding.

If you want your flowers fully opened on the day, then they will only last for two or three days after the wedding.

If you would prefer the flowers to open slowly, then they can last for a week after the wedding.

The Floral Team has two suggestions. 

You may wish to give some flowers to some special people to take home. Alternatively, in Rowena’s experience, many brides are happy for her to take what is left over to an old age home.

Fresh flowers bring so much joy and pleasure, and elderly people can do so much with them. Whether they make arrangements in their rooms, make garlands, potpourri or float them in their bath, the beauty and perfume of fresh flowers can bring so much joy and upliftment.

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