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Ten Tips for a Budget Wedding

You don’t have to have a large budget for wedding.  You can still host a fun and memorable celebration at an affordable price.  You just have to be creative with your choices, clarify your priorities and what truly matters to both of you.

  1. Budget

Work out a budget and decide what is important to you as a couple.  Which items you can spend more on and which are less important. 

2. Venue

Venue hire is probably the most costly part of the wedding.  Destination weddings are expensive as they involve transport and overnight accommodation, so choose a venue that is close to home.

Some venues offer discounted rates for mid-week or winter weddings.

A family member or friend may be happy to offer their garden for a small garden wedding. Tent, chair and table hire are low-cost options for a garden wedding or a picnic.

3. The Guest List

A small guest list means a smaller venue and a more modest cost for the food, décor, beverages, invitations and table settings.  A smaller guest list also means that you as a couple will have more time to spend with each guest who are your nearest and dearest and who are most important to you.

4. Reception

Dinner receptions can be expensive and if that’s your dream, offer Champagne or sparkling wine and thereafter only beer and wine, or a cash bar. Just be sure to make this clear on the invitation.

Alternatively, a morning wedding with brunch, or a Victorian High Tea are ideal options, and can be casual or elegant, and will reduce the cost of alcohol considerably.    

5. Flowers

Choose flowers that are in season rather than hot house or imported blooms which are much more expensive.  A bunch of spring flowers in a jam jar, a single bloom like a gerbera or rose in a single stem vase or bottle, or a single hydrangea or protea can make a bold and lovely statement.  Use plenty of greenery from your garden and fewer flowers.

6. The Wedding Cake

For a small intimate wedding a single tier wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers or macarons would be perfect.  A friend or family member who loves to bake would be honoured to be asked to make a wedding cake for you.

7. Photography

If photographs are one of your priorities, then choose a professional photographer.  Most photographers offer packages that vary from documenting the whole day to a package for just a few hours. 

8. Wedding Dress

If your budget does not run to an expensive wedding gown, many bridal shops specialise in pre-worn wedding dresses or offer dresses for hire.  Alternatively, you may be able to have a dress made at a reasonable price.

9. Invitations

Paper can be expensive depending on the thickness and texture, so choose a standard size or go digital and design your own invitations on line and send them by email.

10. Ask for Help

Most people would be thrilled to be asked to help, so call on those who have a talent for flowers, baking, or decorating.

    It’s your special day, listen to ideas and advice, but it’s important that those helping do not necessarily impose their ideas on you, if that’s not what you want.