Ten Things to Consider when Making a Wedding Speech

Ten Things to Consider when Making a Wedding Speech

This is a happy and memorable day, and will probably be recorded, so it’s important that you are prepared and say everything that you would like to say.

Unless you are a seasoned orator, here are some tips to help you prepare your wedding speech.

  • Give yourself time.  Don’t wait till the last minute.  Think about what you want to say and jot down points as you think of them.
  • It’s important to acknowledge those who are absent and to thank those who are present.  Although it’s your day, there are many who have helped to make it happen.  Everyone loves to feel appreciated and acknowledged.
  • It’s good to get people laughing and will set you at ease as well.  But make sure that it is a joke or a story that is acceptable to the entire audience.
  • Don’t mention anything that may make people feel uncomfortable, like past mistakes or relationships, and don’t use bad language.  This is a happy and important day and memories last forever.
  • An important part of the wedding toast is to share the love.   Whether you are the groom, the bride or the best man, speak from your heart.  Let people know how the person or couple has influenced your life, and what an honour it is to toast them.
  • Find something genuine to say, not idle flattery.  People want to feel good about themselves, and will feel good about you, the speech maker.
  • Understand your audience.  Conservative audiences will need a different speech from a casual audience.
  • Keep it short and succinct.  People get bored with a long speech.  Say what needs to be said but be careful not to waffle on and on or tell too many stories.
  • Speak clearly and look at your audience.  Don’t just read your speech.  If needs be, have cards to remind you of salient points.
  • Make sure that everyone’s glasses are charged before you begin so that people are not toasting with empty glasses or rushing to fill them.

Practise before hand, or if you feel really nervous about public speaking, take a few lessons.



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