How to choose the perfect first dance song for your wedding

This is one of the easiest parts of planning a wedding, selecting a first dance song can become a bigger challenge that couples would have thought . With so many great song selections out there, trying to pick one that you both like and can dance to becomes much more complicated.

A lot of pressure can be placed on couples to pick the perfect first dance. After all, any song you choose is going to be considered ‘your song’ for the rest of your marriage.

Here are a few tips to help make choosing the perfect first dance song a little easier:

  1. Share your taste in music

There is a chance, that you and your fiancé may not have the same taste in music. One of you might like smooth jazz while the other is a classic rock fan. Despite this though, it has been proven that opposites tend to attract.

Try to narrow down your first danced song selections by finding a music genre that you both enjoy.

Once you find a shared musical interest simply go through a few songs and albums of that genre and you might just stumble on the song you had been searching for.

Some couples worry that the song they would like for their first dance might not be right for a wedding. But thanks to the magic of the internet, there are various mixes and different versions of your song that can be found which are just perfect.

  1. Find the lyrics to your relationship

It’s your special day! You need a song with the lyrics that truly tell your story and become your love song!

There is a song for every type of relationship.

From starting off as just friends to lovers, to long distance relationships, you are sure to find the song with the perfect lyrics for your love and your journey.

  1. A first dance song involves some dancing

Though this should be pretty obvious, you need to make sure that the song you have chosen has a beat that you can actually dance to.

Now you don’t really need to hire a choreographer and lift your partner in the air like they do in Dirty Dancing. You do, however, need to make sure that the song is something you can move to together.

If your perfect song has the right lyrics, but not the right beat, you can go online and find customized renditions of the song that play just the right way that you can dance to.

  1. Don’t fear the unconventional

While playing one song and sticking to the old-fashioned first dance song tradition is nice, there are a few couples out there that have taken their first dance to the next level.

Some couples find it boring to just sway away to one song while their guests just watch them. So to make it more fun and interesting they mixed it up and created a funky mix of songs that expressed their relationship, while performing some cheesy dance moves, much to the crowds’ amusement.

Wedding dances are more fun when you can coax your guests into joining you share in your happiness.

All in all, never forget that the first dance song is simply the first song for the soundtrack of your life together, and with many years of a happy marriage your soundtrack will simply continue to grow as you do.

Photo Credit:   Vaughn Barry Photography

Article by: Jesica Slabbert

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