Flower girl dresses – A guide to help you dress your flower girl

Without a doubt flower girl dresses add that extra knockout element to any wedding. Complementing the bride and bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses and gowns capture the timeless beauty of the wedding ceremony.

It is true that being in a wedding party is an honour, but it can also be a pretty big expense. In this guide on flower girl dresses, we hope to share all your need to know about this aspect of your wedding.

Nowadays, flower girl dresses come in just about every material, cut, and colour imaginable. The role of a flower girl is mostly just to look adorable walking down the aisle sprinkling flower petals and to add that extra element to your wedding photos. Read more on wedding day responsibilities and roles HERE.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide on what suits your wedding.

Who should the flower girl be?

Typically, the flower girl at a wedding is a younger relative; say, a daughter, niece or cousin. According to wedding etiquette experts, flower girls are usually between the ages of four and seven.

Still, often-times girls above eight and even older – fulfil the role. Young girls under four, who look older for their age, have also been chosen as flower girls. It is not usually advisable to use girls below three as they might buckle under the pressure of a big day such as a wedding.

Again, girls over the age of eight often get co-opted as junior bridesmaids rather than flower girls. 

However, a US bride – Lyndsey Raby, bucked the trend and invited her four grandmothers who served as co-flower girls at her wedding at Ocoee Crest in Benton, Tennessee, in September 2019.

Also the tradition is to have one flower girl. But brides have also chosen to have a number of flower girls after failing to select one among competing kids. Thus, in essence, there is no hard and fast rule concerning flower girls. It is up to the desire of the bride.

What must the flower girl wear?

It is customary for a flower girl to wear a tea-length dress or a ball gown dress – something special and very festive, worthy of wearing to an event. Flower girl dresses usually feature ruffles, embroidery, sequins, you name it. There really are no strict rules really!

In terms of colours, white or ivory flower girl dresses are the most searched for, but any colour goes as long as it’s in the same wedding theme. The difference between flower girls and junior bridesmaids is clear here – flower girls can wear pretty much, what you want while junior bridesmaids are likely to match the colours of the older bridesmaids.

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Flower girl dress ideas

Finding unique flower girl dress ideas is a mammoth task. There is just a ton of dresses to think about. To find inspiration, visit supplier websites from Wedding & Function; visit sites like Pinterest and go to wedding expos.

Here, we list some ideas on how to choose the flower girl wedding dress:

  • The flower girl dress must match the wedding theme and season

This is probably straightforward; if you’re having a traditional wedding, then you need to pick traditional flower girl dresses. Similarly, if it’s a beach-side wedding, then a casual and simple dress will do. Goes without saying, you will also need to ensure that your flower girl has a dress that matches the season – hence there are winter and summer flower girl dresses. 

  • Flower girl dresses don’t have to be white

Yes, traditionally the flower girl wears white, but you can still explore beyond ivory, white or diamond. Yellow, pinks and blues have also been seen at weddings.

  • Flower girl dresses don’t have to be from your wedding dress supplier 

Buying a flower girl dress from your wedding dress supplier can be an advantage, but you don’t have to buy from them if for any reason you decide not to. You might also have found a cheaper dress somewhere.

  • Length of your flower girl dresses

If your flower girl is older, then it is customary to go for a longer dress. However, if she’s younger, stick with a short frock. You don’t want your younger flower girl tripping and falling while walking down the aisle because of the dress.

  • Buy flower girl dresses close to your wedding date

Yes, experts advise you to buy to dresses as early as possible – sometimes months ahead of the wedding. However, concerning flower girls, try to buy the dresses closer to the wedding as kids grow up fast. Thus, if you buy it a few months before your wedding, you risk the dress not fitting the day of the wedding.

  • Let her help pick the flower girl dress

So that your flower girl love her dress, how about letting her decide on what she wants to wear. Bring her along when you go shopping or send her a few options and let her pick the one she likes best!

  • Think about the flower girl dress fabric

This is a major one – think about the fabric of the dress. If you want to keep the flower girl dresses wrinkle-free for most of the day, choose a wrinkle-free fabric or choose a material that hides wrinkles well, like chiffon. Also ensure your flower girl has no alleges to the chosen material…

Who should pay for the flower girl dress?

The etiquette around flower girl dresses can be tricky. However, it is customary for the parents of the chosen girl/s to pay for flower girl dresses – not the bride. 

Still, the bride has the responsibility of consulting with the parents to help avoid any pre-wedding drama. You may want to talk to the parents about the style of the dress as well. No one wants their flower girl uncomfortable during the ceremony because all that lace is making her itch.

Because of this, it is not uncommon for many couples to happily pay for the flower girl dress as they want to have more control over what the flower girl wears.


The flower girl plays a great role in making any wedding day memorable. Dressing her should be fun. However, while there are traditions on who, the flower girl should be, what they should wear and who pays for their dress, brides are still allowed to bend the rules.

So, if you are planning to make your wedding memorable, do not be afraid to get creative with your flower girl dresses.

Image source: https://www.insideweddings.com/news/planning-design/unique-duties-for-your-flower-girl-and-ring-bearer/2888/



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