Delicious and Decadent – the latest wedding cake trends

Delicious and decadent ideas for your wedding cake

Wedding cakes have come a long way, no longer are people satisfied with the traditional fruit cake decorated with white icing. Wedding cake designs have been revolutionized with an assortment of different colours, effects and icing techniques to choose from.

This year’s wedding cakes are all about beautiful and unique designs and artistic expression. More and more couples are thinking of creative ways to decorate their cake.

The Wedding cakes of today are like small works of art, with beautiful intricate designs and non- traditional ingredients. Couples can choose from a wide variety of ingredients, such as -orange and cardamom, rosewater and coconut or even chocolate brownie and caramel. The list is endless.

Some brides are even opting to match their wedding cake with their wedding theme or the season. For example, fruity flavours like pear and almond for summer or dark chocolate and raspberry for the winter

Here are some of the biggest wedding cake trends of 2018, to help inspire you.

Drip effect cake

The drip wedding cake is a popular wedding favourite and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. A drip cake effect is created when a raspberry or caramel sauce is gently drizzled or poured over the cake to give it a drip effect.

This cake is perfect if you want to create different flavours for the inside and outside of the cake. Try a chocolate ganache drizzle or lemon drizzle if you want to be original. Drip cakes are very effective when decorated with fresh fruit and flowers.

Cheese Cake

If you would describe yourself as having a savoury tooth rather that a sweet tooth, then this is the cake for you. A tower of mouth-watering, indulgent cheeses, served with grapes and ripe figs is the ultimate savoury option for cheese and wine lovers. Think lovely French brie and camembert, blue stilton and a delicious Spanish Manchego, served with a good dessert wine.

Marble cake

The marble cake is the latest trend to hit the scene. The marble effect you want to achieve is when the icing and the texture look like actual white and grey marble- smooth, elegant and minimalist. Marble cakes are most effective when made into architectural shapes. You could opt for square or triangle tiered cake.

Gold leaf cake

If you really want to be decadent and opulent on your wedding, then why not apply actual gold to your wedding cake? Gold leaf can be applied to all types of icing and frosting and it’s edible. You can scatter it on the cake to create a glittering gold effect or you can just cover a whole tier of your cake in gold to create a bold block effect.

With so many amazing wedding cake ideas to choose from, your wedding and the dessert will be most memorable.

By Liesl Silverman

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