Create the perfect moment at your next event with Moments Desserts and Beverages

Moments Desserts and Beverages is a mobile catering business, offering bespoke desserts and beverage solutions for all types of private and corporate functions and events.

Our vision is to help you create memorable moments through their decadent offerings and seamless event planning & implementation.

As an owner run business ,  Moments offers an exceptionally high level of service. Hilton Bartkunsky(the Moments owner) is a total foodie, and is very involved in his events, offering a personalized touch and dedicated service.

Moments has a broad range of product offerings and can cater for the whole function with any one (or more) of its decadent desserts and/or beverage solutions.

Moments Desserts and Beverages product offerings

Our product offering includes; coffee bars, gin bars, waffles bars, cocktail bars, ice-cream bars, pizza bars, churro bars and more.

We have a team of taste architects that can create customized  & specialty drinks, such as Brownie fudge hot chocolate, and craft cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails).

Our  mixologists make these drinks with award-winning flair (bar entertainment), that can wow and dazzle at any event of any scale .

Our staff are professional experts within the industry, and can provide excellent product information on craft gins and cocktails- both popular service offerings.

We offer a sleek & professional  coffee bar service., with a large menu, qualified baristas and delicious coffees. Moments uses the services of a premium and elite quality roastery.

Each one of our artisanal crafted batches, of single origin beans, is held to the highest stringent quality control and fashioned with a unique flavour to light up your palate. Our baristas are passionate brewers and absolute connoisseurs of coffee.

Moments specialises in numerous types of coffee drinks, including alcoholic coffees, and a range of teas and hot chocolates.

Before the event, we work with yourself or the event organiser to design the menu for the event.

We proudly offer a broad range of decadent dessert bars.  Our dessert options range from ice-cream bars(  with unique flavours such as blueberry cheesecake and rocky road) to freak (monster) milkshakes and mini doughnuts. Popular options include waffles-on-a-stickrolled ice-creamcrepes and churros. These are perfect for weddings, birthday parties and corporate events . We are the service provider of choice for Muslim functions and weddings. Our non-alcoholic (mocktails) are a hit and are often paired with an ice-cream and waffle bar.

 Moments has a variety of different parlours and bars, that can be custom-branded to match the theme of the and type of the function. Our slick white bars have a very professional appearance and are great for formal functions and corporate events.  Our fun carnival-looking carts (we call “parlours”) are a more casual format and add an element of  quirkiness to events.

For our corporate clients, we encourage you to make your brand pop with any one or more of our branding opportunities with these including options such as;  bar branding, cup and packaging branding, staff branding and customised menu branding.

Our savory food department specializes in chip ‘n dip, chip stixs, pregos & burgerspizza and popcorn

Moments has the skill, experience and expertise to cater for the whole function from A to Z. We will be there every step of the way, assisting with all the details, so you can be at ease while planning your event or special occasion.

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