Cost effective wedding decorations for any budget

Looking for ideas on cost effective wedding decorations? You have come to the right page. Having cost effective wedding decorations means you can have a stylish wedding with any reasonable budget.

Before we even talk about decorations and bling, remember that weddings are still wonderful gatherings; hence there is no reason for a couple to spend what they cannot afford on wedding decorations. 

They say often, it is the bride and her mom, who will worry about how the décor looks whereas everyone is only there to dance, drink and eat!

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Now that we have that out of the way, we hope these affordable wedding decoration ideas can help you plan a beautiful wedding and still have money for your honeymoon.

Cost effective wedding decorations 

The best way to save on wedding decorations is to start with a beautiful wedding venue or location. Anyway, venue hire is likely going to be the most expensive item on your wedding budget. 

It just makes sense – if the wedding venue is gorgeous, then you won’t need a lot of costly enhancements to make it look beautiful.

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For a beautiful cost-effective wedding venue, consider tying the knot at a public park, a church, the countryside or in small towns etc. Note: while a vineyard is often a beautiful country wedding location, they are often costly – which defeats the purpose of this effort.

Now that we have addressed the setting, we move onto ideas of cost effect wedding decorations that a couple can do in that venue.

Buying cheap is not as bad you might think, especially concerning décor where expense is not often necessary. For example, beautiful glass vases are available at nearly any store. For many items, you can easily source identical alternatives that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

You only need to pay more attention to how the items work into both your wedding theme and your budget. By the way, Wedding & Function has a simple wedding budget calculator to help you keeps costs down.


Ideas for cost effective wedding decorations

To keep costs down, go DIY and make your own décor. There are a lot of simple items that you can create using what you have available to you or that you can make using cheaper items. 

The possibilities are astounding, when you put your mind to it. Creativity is key here! 

  • Flowers – Easily among the noticeable items in your wedding décor. Cut costs by choosing flowers that are grown in your area and that are in season. So, this wedding season, opt for local flower decorations if you want to save big. Fake flowers might also save you a penny.
  • Nature on your side – Depending on your wedding venue, you can use nature to your benefit. Leaves, pinecones and even feathers can be used in a multitude of ways to decorate your venue. With some effort and creativity, you can turn these simple items into something special. Best of all – these things a free!
  • Sparkling or colourful lights – Thanks to China, sparkling lights are not always expensive, yet they add that magical effect to your wedding decor. Hey, how about going traditional with candles or lamps on the tables and at the entrance.
  • Chalkboards – If you are talking cost effective wedding decorations, then you cannot skip chalkboards. They are often creative, personal and look amazing. You can write beautiful messages on it or ask your guests to share their thoughts. This will not only look beautiful but will keep your guests entertained as well.
  • Centrepieces – Many couples stress on adding expensive table centrepieces, but truth be told, at many weddings, people barely sit at tables for a long time. Thus, spending a lot on centrepieces would be a waste of money. Re-use empty wine bottles, old cans and glasses as decorations.
  • Hang Paper Lanterns – We all love the glow of paper lanterns, so why should not use them at wedding venues. Hanging paper lanterns in the wedding or reception change your ordinary wedding venue in a dreamy wonderland. Instead of white paper lanterns, use rainbow colours paper lanterns.
  • Coloured Glassware – Coloured wineglass, highballs for the balls or any other cutlery can pop your wedding table. Mixing and matching different shapes and sizes of coloured glassware looks very antique and are ideal for a wedding.
  • Burlap Bunting – No rustic wedding is complete without a hessian element or three! A textile that’s synonymous with rustic celebrations, this coarse woven material is perfect for making bunting.
  • Make a Family Photo Wall – Choose your best family photos to make a family photo wall at the wedding venue. Let guests know your best & beautiful moments in life.
  • Balloons – Once reserved for kids parties, balloons are having a renaissance as a decor element for chic grown up celebrations.
  • Streamer Backdrop – If you can’t decide on just one or two colours for your wedding colour scheme, throw the rule book out the window and embrace every shade of the rainbow with a vibrant streamer backdrop. This super fun DIY looks amazing in photos.
  • Table covers – Decorating with tulle and other inexpensive fabrics can transform plain architecture, or to create a colourful walkway down the aisle or at the reception entrance. Fabric covers hide a multitude of problems so you can concentrate on decorating other areas of importance.

For those tying the knot in a church, traditional decoration for a church wedding includes a use of pearls, lace, fresh and dry flowers, crystals and candles. 

While decorating the church, you should keep in mind that the church is a place of worship and you should not bother its atmosphere of purity and sanctity. Still, decorating the church with beautiful flowers can add a sense of solemnity, peace and freshness to the atmosphere.

Consulting on your cost effective wedding decorations

While you pursue cutting costs on your wedding décor, it is probably also a good idea to incorporate the ideas of your wedding photographer.

Your wedding photographer will play a huge role on capturing the emotions, colours, moments and joys on your big day. They will probably also be able to advise you on how the items you are choosing as a cost cutting measure will look on your photos.

So it is always a great idea to consult.


If you were looking for ideas on cost effective wedding decorations, we hope the above ideas have given a good place to start. This article has demonstrated that weddings do not always have to be about pumping money out.

It is very possible to be frugal and still have a stylish wedding.

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