Corona Bride: Planning a wedding during a pandemic…

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Planning your big day can be a wonderful, but also stressful experience under normal circumstances. Planning your wedding during a pandemic is another game.

It is safe to say that no bridal couple who planned on getting married in 2020 was expecting the challenges this year has thrown their way.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the events industry. All events, including weddings, were forced to be either postponed or cancelled, within good reason.

As a bridal couple, we were also forced to move our 4th of April wedding to July, and then again to March 2021. This was no easy feat, as one needs to confirm availability with all the vendors before choosing a new date.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is another game…

Whether you are forced to postpone or decide to have a lovely small wedding, its important to remember that you have options and people who stand by you no matter what the decision may be. Now is the best time to lean on your bridal party for advice, reassurance, or just a shoulder to cry on.

And yes, it is okay to cry and be angry at first! As bridal couples we put so much time, money and effort into planning our dream wedding, so it is perfectly fine to feel a range of emotions when things can no longer go as originally planned. 


As a couple who had the whole day planned – with only two weeks to go before the big day – we were extremely disappointed when the lockdown and ban on social gatherings were introduced. However, we were also very understanding of the whole situation.

Keeping our friends and family safe is more important! 

The best thing you can do is to stand together in these challenging times we are faced with. Sit down and look at your options. 

Contact all your vendors and discuss how you can proceed. If, like us, you need to postpone, start with the venue and find out which dates are open. Once you have a new date in mind, confirm with all vendors if they are also available and book it immediately.

This is the most challenging part, but it is also crucial to do this as soon as possible. Remember, a lot of couples are postponing their weddings at this stage, and dates are usually booked well in advance for the following year. The sooner you make a decision, the earlier date you can confirm. 


Had to move your wedding to 2021? It’s okay! Your guests will still be excited. Your day will still be amazing… And YES you can still use everything you originally planned to – even your dated stationery if it has already been made.

Our guest favours are branded gin bottles with our wedding logo and date on it. We have decided to keep the labels as is. It is a sweet reminder of what could have been. 

See this challenge as a nice planning break. Planning a wedding is stressful and consuming, but also a wonderful build-up to the actual day.

Postponing means you get more time to make it amazing. I have heard people say that the actual day goes by so quickly countless times… So try to enjoy the process as well. 

Also remember the end goal – marrying your life partner and celebrating your love for each other.  

Article by: Nicole Gunning



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