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Capture those precious moments with Lara Jayne Photography

Lara Jayne Photography is a wedding and lifestyle photographer operating in Johannesburg. With many years of experience in the industry, Lara’s main goal is for her clients to look and feel like the best versions of themselves during her shoots.

Back in early 2000’s when “From this moment” was everyone’s first dance song choice. Lara was attending weddings regularly with her dad who was a wedding videographer. She enjoyed weddings, so she would voluntarily assist just to take photos for fun or for the “DVD cover.” When Lara was about 16 years old, she was at a wedding just doing her normal thing, interacting with the bride, taking couples pictures, and everything in between. After the wedding, the bride contacted her dad and asked if they could buy her photos because they loved them. Lara was so thrilled! it was like the equivalent to selling your first album.

Lara Jayne Photgraphy- Wedding and Lifestyle Photography

Lara is a portrait specialist; she has a passion for working with people. “Photography for me is not something I chose; it is just a way of life. Everywhere I go, I cannot resist documenting the moment.” Anyone who knows Lara knows how she can take any moment and make it beautiful. That is the kind of person that you’d want at your wedding “I am inspired by beauty, a change of scenery and like-minded authentic people who just love life. I believe every person is unique and beautiful, whether they believe it or not.”

The main purpose of Lara Jayne Photography is to bring out the beauty in each person that she works with.

Lara likes to live on the edge and push the limits. She doesn’t like to put her clients in a box and package them the same. “From when I started my business in 2011 my objective is to give my client the creative space and the freedom to be themselves, I would however, advise them on the best way to achieve their desired goal.”

Photography is an intimate experience, its allowing someone into your space to capture your essence we don’t do that every day. Photography is an investment- the Dj, the florist, the venue are all for the day, but your photos are for a lifetime. When you book Lara you’re booking someone who is passionate about beauty, someone who will lie on the sand road and climb trees if the perfect shot requires it. Lara has a way about her that makes people feel comfortable around her with her professionalism mixed with her sense of humour.

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To find out more about Lara Jayne Photography give her a call on 078 5885 745 or email Visit her website at Follow her on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE.



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