How to achieve a ‘royal wedding’ on a budget

How to plan a ‘royal wedding’ without breaking the bank

There’s nothing more exciting than planning a wedding. For many it’s a time when no expenses are spared in making sure that it is a truly memorable day.

Not everyone can afford a wedding as lavish as Harry and Meghan, however, you can still have the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of without having to break the bank.

Here is a helpful guide to planning the wedding of the season, a day that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on all the guests, without leaving the happy couple in debt.

Opt for off-peak

‘Wedding season’ usually falls between August and April each year, and it’s not uncommon to find that everything from wedding planning services to caterers and even florists are more expensive than usual during this time.

Simply picking a wedding date during the off-peak period will save you more money than most people realize. Aim for a wedding date at the very end of the peak season if possible. Avoid getting married on Saturday, as this is the most popular day in the week to get married. Which makes it one of the most expensive days for a wedding.

Have your wedding and reception at the same venue

It is more cost effective to look at hosting your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue. While the logistics of this might take some planning, it’s certainly doable with the help of an efficient on-site team. For example, you can host the ceremony, followed by a photo session and simultaneous cocktail hour, during which time your team flips the setting into a reception area.

The indoor and outdoor venues at Umodzi Park, in the capital city of Lilongwe in Malawi, are perfect for exactly this, capable of seating up to 800 people banquet style in the Bingu Wa Mutharika Banqueting Hall, or as little as 40 people in the Mphasa Room for more intimate gatherings. As an added budget-friendly bonus, Umodzi Park also offers bridal couples a range of value-added services, such as complimentary stay in the honeymoon suite, complimentary spa treatments for two and special rates on accommodation for your wedding guests, should they choose to stay the night.

A wedding cake like no other

Wedding cakes, particularly the elaborate, four-tier ones with lots of detail, can cost a fortune. Get the look for less by creating a ‘dummy’ cake tier at the very bottom of the cake, decorated in the exact same icing and detail as the rest of the cake. This will give the wedding cake some height to achieve that show-stopping wedding cake look, but will cost you a lot less. This also ensures less wastage, as wedding cakes (for whatever reason) often go uneaten once the festivities get underway.

Choose a beautiful venue and save on décor

Most people allocate the majority of their wedding budgets to décor and flowers, mostly because they choose venues that require a considerable amount of work to ensure everything looks exactly the way you want it to on the big day. This can involve extra drapery, flower arrangements and even lighting, which can cost you thousands. Avoid the hassle and additional costs by choosing a venue that already has everything you’re looking for. Umodzi Park, for instance, offers class and sophistication all in one package, with its immaculate and beautifully decorated venues that offer the perfect backdrop for any wedding.

Try some DIY

When it comes to décor elements or any additional wedding features like a photo booth, there’s no reason why you can’t get your hands dirty and do it yourself! Search for table setting ideas online and find budget-friendly tutorials to achieve the look you want. Photo booths are awesome to create a fun atmosphere at weddings. However, they can be costly, so why not create a personalised, DIY photo backdrop area that’s just as fun. Have a look at tutorials online to help you along, and rope in friends and family to assist too!

Turn your wedding into a royal affair with these money-saving wedding tips. Book your wedding at Umodzi Park and enjoy a classy, sophisticated and memorable wedding day that’s bound to be the talk of the town long after it’s done. Take advantage of Umodzi Park’s wedding packages, which include the price of the venue, catering and honeymoon accommodation.

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