A complete guide to Bridesmaid duties

What you can expect from your bridesmaids

Not completely sure what the role of a bridesmaid is? Well fret no more, as this guide will let you know exactly what to expect from your bridesmaids and what they can expect from you, the bride.

The bridesmaid is an integral part of any wedding, she is there to comfort, console, organise, multitask and help spread the joy at all bridal events.

Having two to four bridesmaids is the optimal amount, depending on the size of the wedding, as they can share the duties amongst one another.

Bridesmaids are there to make sure you don’t have to deal with all the stressful wedding planning on your own.

They can assist you with wedding arrangements, such as the wedding décor, advising you on a photographer and most importantly sorting out the bridesmaid dresses.

Here is a guide to Bridesmaid duties

Be her rock

Planning a wedding can be emotional and stressful for the bride. A bridesmaid’s role is to be a confidante and good listener. Let the bride get everything off her chest and have a good old moan, if needs be.  After a good conversation everyone will feel better and less stressed.

Assist with the wedding planning

A bridesmaid can help find bridesmaid’s dresses and sort out the alterations, if needed. They can also assist with shoe shopping, jewellery shopping and finding accessories. Most importantly they can help with posting or e-mailing invitations, which can be a time consuming task.


Help with all the pre-wedding events

A bridesmaid will have to plan and co-ordinate the bachelorette party, with some help from the bride of course. There is also the bridal shower and if there is a  rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids will have to attend that too.

Keep the bride fed and hydrated

When the big day arrives, bridesmaids will be there to handle the last minute details. They will make sure that you feel relaxed, that you have eaten and had plenty of water. Most importantly they will help you to get into your wedding dress and assist you with your accessories.

What the bridesmaids can expect from the bride

Be considerate of their time and finances, communicate clearly and be grateful for all their help and friendship. If the bride is happy and relaxed, everyone else will feel happy and relaxed too.

By Liesl Silverman

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