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Welcome to Cavalier, Masters of Wedding Suit Craft. At Cavalier we believe in inspiring gentlemen to be better than their previous selves by providing them with the clothing, accessories, merchandise and style advice they will need in one bespoke location. With over 40 years bespoke tailoring experience, we have come to specialize in creating the finest wedding suits in the world. Each suit is hand crafted for the individual, using the world’s finest cloths and is guaranteed to fit perfectly. The traditional gentleman, adored by woman and admired by men was a person of impeccable mannerism and chivalry. The way of the gentleman required a mind-set dedicated to the pursuit of self-mastery in every aspect of life from the way one dressed to the way one interacted with people. This particularly required attention to one’s personal grooming and image. At Cavalier, we believe The Gentleman is far from forgotten and very much alive in the modern South African man.

We offer:

Men Suits
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Consultation change: No
Hire / Sell Suits: Yes
Group bookings: Yes
Alteration service: Yes
Bespoke suits: Yes

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