By: Alison Kirk

February 2021

Raphael, known as South Africa’s cake boss, is the inspiration and owner of Raphael’s. He has always loved cakes, especially chocolate cakes. He is passionate about cooking and baking and decorating, especially sweet things. He started baking at a young age, sharing his cakes with family and friends. Raphael specialises in wedding and birthday cakes and is inspired not only by the beauty of cakes but also by the taste. It is about the quality inside and outside of the cake. All recipes are his own and made from scratch.  No premixes are used. Every cake must be made with the best ingredients and with love and passion.

Raphael’s best reward is to see his customers happy and to see them coming back year after year.  He says he is happy when his customers are happy. Raphael offers many different flavours including blue berry, Amarula, cinnabon, pistachio, cappuccino, etc. and free cake tasting is offered.  Each cake is unique to each bridal couple. Raphael will advise and work with the bride and groom to make sure they get the cake of their dreams. Next to the bride and groom the cake is the centre of attraction at the reception and must have the ‘Wow” factor.

Raphael’s is situated in Glenvista. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm and on Saturdays to 4pm and Sundays to 12pm. Delivery is free to brides within the Gauteng area and a small charge is levied for deliveries further afield. Raphael will ensure that your cake is beautifully set up at your reception.

Raphael prides himself on honesty and will never make false promises. His prices are reasonable and are always open to negotiation. Raphael adheres to strict Covid protocols for staff and customers.

Visit Raphael’s website for ideas and inspiration for wedding and birthday cakes, and many other treats.  It is a feast for the eyes.

Contact details:

(081) 4364533


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