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Bella Vita Events thrives on planning the perfect experience for you! Whether you are planning a wedding, a bachelor/bachelorette party, murder mystery evening or even the ultimate date night, Bella Vita will bring your dream to completion. Bella Vita Events services the areas of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. If you are looking to spoil that someone special, they create Speciality Gift Boxes and Date Night Gift Boxes. Bella Vita will plan and package the perfect date night in a box for you and their Gift Boxes are perfect for any occasion. Bella Vita Events have also introduced an online dating program, called Dating with an Edge.
Coordinator: Yes, they coordinate and plan various events.
Planner: Yes
Consultation charge: No


Planning the Ultimate Date Night
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Murder Mysery Games
Wedding, Aniversary and Birthday Gift Boxes
Proposal Planning
Corporate Event Planning
Date Night Boxes
Showroom: No, customers can view on their website.
Floral styling: No
Preferred suppliers / Bride's own suppliers: Most of the services and products used by Bella Vita Events are done in house.

Contact Information

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"Yay! Thank you so much Eileen for organizing and planning my 30th birthday party! It wasn’t even an issue that I was in Indonesia... Arrived in time for a great party with friends and family thanks to you."- Lize-Marie Geldenhuys
"Eileen uses her natural initiative and creativity to organize relaxing yet entertaining events. She has the ability to get any personality, age or gender to join in activities and all the while having fun."- Marthinus G
Wedding Planning SA
Wedding Planning SA
Bella Vita Events
Wedding Planning SA
Bella Vita Events
Wedding Planning SA